Druid | Presentation of the first comics album by Emanuele Napolitano | 2nd March

AlbumArte presents


by Emanuele Napolitano

the first album of his artistic comics

the artist in conversation with Beatrice Bertini and Federico Falciani


The album will be on sale together with some original comics

up to and including Saturday, March 5 (from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

FREE ENTRANCE – Super green pass required

The curator Beatrice Bertini, director of the Galleria Ex Elettrofonica in Rome and Emanuele Napolitano, on Wednesday, March 2 at 6.30 pm at AlbumArte, will present, together with the publisher Federico Falciani, the selection of the artist’s comics, for the first time collected in an album entitled “Druid” (Psicografici Editore, November 2021).

Druid” is the first album of artistic comics, by the visual artist Emanuele Napolitano (Rome 1976), which, through short, sharp, daily reflections, bitterly ironic, of imaginary protagonists, redesigns a space of collection and sharing of the image, to outline a macro-portrait of contemporary everyday life.

The protagonists, reflective, stunned, resigned, angry, rebellious, melancholic and always intelligently ironic, take shape from the artist’s need to “examine the relationships between society and identity and the connections between images and social behavior.”

The texts of the short monologues and the colors of the illustrations, make Napolitano’s work already recognizable for form and content, as the artist posts on his Instagram profile, almost daily, marking an experience of vision and shared reading that, from the intimate and particular dimension, pushes to reflect on the value and life cycle of each contemporary image, becoming in its flow, page after page, an effective memorandum of today. One becomes attached to those girls and almost feels the need to see them again soon, to have them in the midst of one’s own life during the tiring days we live, to feel how they have managed to resolve today and foresee tomorrow. Emanuele Napolitano has collaborated several times with AlbumArte with whom he co-produced the video series “Chasing Boundaries”, a series of documentaries on contemporary art conceived and directed together with Zaelia Bishop, oriented towards overcoming the traditional narrative method and the linear and self-contained structure in favor of a platform open to new ways of perceiving concepts and information. Also together with Bishop, at AlbumArte he presented the preview of the video “BAR” and participated in “Bon Courage Mon Amour”, the series of meetings with artists during the lock down period of the spaces dedicated to art, in 2021.

The “DRUID” album will be on sale along with some original vignettes, until Saturday, March 5 (included) at AlbumArte from 3pm to 7pm.