AlbumArte is an independent non-profit cultural and artistic production center based in Rome and active in Italy and abroad since 2011. It is characterised by its international collaborations and by its talks and meetings on contemporary languages, offering to the public a programme of independent projects, free from commercial constraints and public or private collections. It is an inclusive research platform for new contemporary art proposals by both Italian and international artists, presenting video art, painting, photography, sculpture, installations, performances, sound art, digital art and promoting the research of young or emerging artists and curators.

AlbumArte produces videos and documentaries on contemporary art and conducts a programme of debates on major themes of culture, art and contemporary society. Among the ongoing projects: AlbumArte | VideoArtForum and Donne (non più) anonime – Confrontation on femicide. 

It has activated collaborations with institutions in Italy and abroad, including: La Galleria Nazionale in Rome, MAXXI, the Institut Français, the Lithuanian Culture Institute, the Real Academia de España, the Italian Cultural Institutes in Istanbul and Prague, the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, the Mondriaan Fonds, the Slovak Ministry of Culture, the IILA International Italian-Latin American Organization, the Lithuanian Council for Culture, the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, the Nordic Artists’ Center Dale (Norway), the Istanbul Biennial, MIBACT (now MIC Italian ministry of culture), the Department of Culture and the Department of Equal Opportunities of the II Municipality of Rome, the Cultural Affairs Office of the City of Paris and the Department of Culture of the City of Rome.

In 2014 it took part in the cultural twinning Tandem Paris-Rome. Since 2015, it is part of the network The Independent, promoted by MAXXI; since 2016 Lazio Creativo; in 2016, with three exhibitions, theFuori Quadriennale – 16a Quadriennale d’arte Altri tempi, altri miti; in 2017 it was invited as the only Italian organisation to the European conferences of Artists at Risk in Berlin and in 2018 in Malmö. In 2019 it was included in the research Le organizzazioni private dell’Arte contemporanea in Italia promoted by the joint initiative of the Contemporary Art Foundation Committee, Civita and Intesa San Paolo and from 2020 it is part of the platform Google Arts & CultureIn 2020 it won the eighth edition of the Italian Council with an editorial project ALL BOOM ARTE. Italian artists at AlbumArte 2011-2020 published by Quodlibet in double Italian English version.

A community of artists, curators, critics, Italian and foreign students and enthusiasts formed around AlbumArte, constantly animating the whole programme. Over time, AlbumArte has also been characterized by the strong presence of female artists and curators. AlbumArte also constantly engages in assisting women victims of violence by working alongside shelters and aid centers to involve them in artistic paths. Artworks produced in its projects have entered major collections such as Istanbul City Hills-On the Natural History of Dispersion and States of Aggregation (2013) by Margherita Moscardini (in the permanent collection of MAXXI) and Archivio (Tappeto) (2014) by Flavio Favelli in the Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Fondation collection. The film Khroniky (2015) by Lucia Nimcová and Sholto Dobie has participated in numerous international festivals.
AlbumArte was the first to present in Italy in 2017 Lina Lapelytė, with Yes. Really! (live performance, 2015) one of the three artists of the Lithuania Pavilion, winner of the Golden Lion at the 58th Venice Biennale and Adrian Paci‘s video The ColumnDriant Zeneli also worked on AlbumArte in 2016 (the only artist in Pad Albania 58th Venice Biennale) and, in 2018, he held a meeting – debate with Teresa Margolles, special mention at the 58th Venice Biennale. AlbumArte participated with the project BARCODE by Sonia Andresano in ARKAD Manifesta 13 – Les Parallèles du Sud.  The artist Shubigi Rao, who exhibited a AlbumArte in 2018, represented Singapore at the Venice Art Biennale in 2022. Eglė Budvytytė, for the first time in Italy at AlbumArte in 2017 with a solo exhibition and performance at the MAXXI Museum, is present at the 59th Venice International Art Biennale entitled The Milk of Dreams, curated by Cecilia Alemani. It also presented Elisa Strinna and Sergio Racanati, the only Italian artists present at documenta 15 in Kassel (2022).

AlbumArte also engages in training by involving trainees among students from major universities and art academies, to whom it provides training credits, with the aim of forging relationships with the professionals of tomorrow, educating them and being rewarded with enthusiasm and new insights.

Among the calls won are: Tandem Paris Rome -Institut Français, Municipality of Rome Culture Department, and Mairie de Paris (2014), Mondriaan Fonds (2017), Slovak Art Council (2015, 2017, 2018, 2021) Lithuanian Council for Culture (2016, 2017), National Arts Council Singapore (2018), i-Portunus | Creative Europe program (2017), Italian Council (8th edition 2020), Acción Cultural Española – AC/E (2020, 2021), Etxepare Euskal Institutua (2020), Regione Lazio (2021), Lazio Crea / Regione Lazio (2021), Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation (2021).

AlbumArte has published books and catalogs and has been part of international awards and competitions commissions.

All events and projects by AlbumArte are open to the general public and free of charge.

AlbumArte is a Third Sector Entity (ETS)