Donne (non più) anonime | If an abusive man is among us: what social reactions | February 7

Donne (non più) anonime Conversation on feminicide  edited by Daniela Trincia

If an abusive man is among us: what social reactions

Debate Simona Ammerata activist and founding member of Lucha y Siesta Andrea Bernetti president Centro Prima (abuse prevention and intervention) Luisa Betti Dakli investigative journalist expert on human rights, director of DonnexDiritti Fabio Maria Cilento Expert in Psychology and Criminology at the Provveditorate of Justice of Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise Teresa Dattilo psychotherapist

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 – 6:30 p.m. AlbumArte – via Flaminia 122 Rome

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. at AlbumArte, there will be a new meeting of the cycle Donne (non più) anonime, the ongoing discussion on feminicide at AlbumArte since 2016, conceived and directed by Daniela Trincia. The meeting addresses the delicate and difficult question of how to deal with and what to do in case you learn that an abusive man is someone you know, someone you hang out with, someone who is among your friends

In cases of gender-based violence, the issue of the battered woman is central. However, in those dramatic cases, around the woman revolve people who, at different levels, are involved. And these people do not always know how to deal with the situation. It is from this perspective, from the point of view of those who are “outside,” around,” and not “inside,” that we want to address in this first meeting of 2023, one of the many nuances of gender-based violence.

The discussion is part of the debate opened in 2016 by Daniela Trincia and AlbumArte, which seeks to highlight the social and psychological aspects of gender-based violence, born out of the need to raise a voice against feminicide and domestic violence. Many are the focuses of the meetings in recent years, including the narrative of feminicide, the consequences of violence on minors who witness violence, re-victimization in the media and the courts, feminicide as a crime announced, violent love, social preconceptions, and the recovery attempted by CAM on abusive men, as well as testimonies from artists who in their practice deal with violence against women such as Teresa Margolles and Silvia Giambrone. Women (no longer) Anonymous. Confrontation on Femicide,” a project conceived and directed by DanielaTrincia and realized by AlbumArte, with its meetings since 2016, aims to open to discussion on gender violence, so that it can be recognized and fought through the reflection and testimony of experts, activists and artists. In recent years they have contributed to the project’s realizations: Luisa Betti, journalist | The Narrative of Femicide; Francesca Guerisoli, art critic | Art and Femicide: notes from the 1970s to the present;Silvia Giambrone, artist | The Violent Language of Objects; Clara Tosi Pamphili, historian and critic of Fashion and Applied Arts | The Female Image in Fashion as a Place of Body Representation; Caterina Boccardi, writer/actress | “So what?!”: a dramatic episode. What drives a woman after suffering psychological violence; Sara Allegrucci – Matteo Bolognese, actors | “Ad occhi chiusi”: an introspective journey on violence. From reality to fiction; Maria Francesca Palermo, criminal lawyer | Femicide: the need to qualify some murders of women as gender violence; Teresa Dattilo, psychologist-psychotherapist | The intervention with victims of violence; (on a different date) How violence is structured in the couple; Ursula Franco, medical criminologist | Femicide* is a crime announced (*femicide is the criminological term); Maria Francesca Palermo, criminal defense lawyer | Feminicide: unawareness of the violence suffered; Giacomo Grifoni, psychologist psychotherapist |Working with the perpetrator of violence. A possible challenge; Andrea Bernetti, psychologist-psychotherapist |The CAM experience. A space for change; Giuseppe Esposito, psychologist psychotherapist | The double violence on Roma women: between the invisible and the forgotten; Flavia Posabella, psychologist psychotherapist | Violent love. Consequences on children; Rosa Jijon, artist: Cartas de Mujeres, unique stories. Writing as political participation; Alessandra Sannella, sociologist: Violence between tradition and digital society; Cristiana Guerra educator at family homes for minors; Stefania Salatino, psychologist psychotherapist. Teresa Margolles, artist – speech and projections of her works on violence in Mexico; Angel Moya Garcia, curator and co-artistic director of the Scompiglio estate; Tomaso Binga, artist; Maura Misiti, demographer; Titti Carrano, president of the Association ‘D.i.Re Donne in Rete’ An uphill road: gender discrimination; Roxy in the Box, artist; Tiziana Colamonico Mensorio, lawyer | Social engagement in the suburbs of the soul and cities. Simona Ammerata – feminist and civil rights activist, founding member of Lucha y Siesta and Arianna Bussoletti – media researcher Violence on Women. Re-victimization in the media and the courts.

Image: Group of women, Mural, 2012 – via dei Sardi, Rome – Photo Giorgio Benni