AlbumArte hosts La Forma del Pathos (Step Three) | November 30, 2016 at 7:15pm

AlbumArte hosts
La Forma del Pathos
(Step Three) Esperienza, Natura e Arte

A project curated by Gianluca Brogna

November 30, 2016 | AlbumArte
Muta Imago, Sigourney Weaver

7.15pm Muta Imago | Golden Hours. Created by Claudia Sorace; video by Maria Elena Fusacchia; with Tomassina Falchetti, Vittoria Gurzillo, Flaminia Sorace, Isabella Giuliani. 
8.15pm Sigourney Weaver (Biagio Caravano – Daniela Cattivelli) | HONDA (from HEY). Produced by Xing/Live Arts Week.



On the occasion of its third appointment, the project La Forma del Pathos moves inside Teatro dell’Orologio and marks the beginning of a new collaboration with the non-profit space dedicated to contemporary visual arts AlbumArte and with the theater research space Carrozzerie N.O.T.

La Forma del Pathos aims to become at the same time both a material and a conceptual “place”, where theater and visual arts could meet again, where old synergies between the two disciplines could be re-activated, starting by paying respect to the experiments of the ’60s and ‘70s. The project wants to establish a path of condivision between artist and audience, trying to overcome the invisible but still existing diaphragm that divides action and vision in the theatre, supporting the inclusion of users in the system of image perception and staging.

The third edition will include an incursion in the world of theater and perfoming arts, with the participation of two acting companies, Muta Imago and Sigourney Weaver, that are going to stage some actions in the exhibtion spaces of AlbumArte on Wednesday November 30, thus implementing a reverse process compared to the performative practices that characterized the project in its first two dates. The reflective course developed during the last year and a half on the relationship between the place of action and the function of the space, and on the fragmentation of categories and languages, is though embellished with an additional element of observation and discussion.


– November 30, 2016 7-10pm | AlbumArte, Rome Muta Imago, Sigourney Weaver 
– December 4, 2016 7-10pm | Carrozzerie N.O.T, Rome John Cascone, Mauro Romito 
– December 5, 2016 7-10pm | Teatro dell’Orologio, Rome
Elena Bellantoni, Grossi Maglioni, Andrea Lanini, Cesare Pietroiusti, Filippo Riniolo