A MISURA | Collective exhibition | Opening 19th May 2021

Wednesday 19th May, 2021

On reservation

AlbumArte and Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma

Collective exhibition
Lucia Bricco Diana Legel Aura Monsalves Muñoz Juliane Schmidt
Diana Sirianni Maria Giovanna Sodero Alessandra Wolframm Wang Ximan
Curated by Donatella Landi

Until 25th June 2021 
With quota entry
visits according to the health rules of the COVID-19 emergency
starting from Tuesday to Friday 3pm to 7pm
AlbumArte | via Flaminia 122, Rome 

Wednesday 19th May 2021 AlbumArte with Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma inaugurates the collective exhibition A MISURA with works, actions and performances by Lucia Bricco, Diana Legel, Aura Monsalves Muñoz, Juliane Schmidt, Diana Sirianni, Maria Giovanna Sodero, Alessandra Wolframm, Wang Ximan, curated by Donatella Landi, that will be opened, according to health rules, until 25th June, 2021.

After a long period in which the cultural spaces have been closed due to the health emergency, we are happy to present a choral project, where different voices and different narratives feed the power and dynamism of the exhibition itself with a special lymph. We are proud of the fact that there are eight all female artists, like the curator, to underline once again that we cannot leave without women, who paid a dramatically higher price during the pandemic crisis, in terms of availability for treatment, unemployment and domestic violence.

Donatella Landi, visual artist and professor, here in the role of curator, brings together for this collective exhibition a group of artists of various nationalities, who currently live and work in Germany, Greece, China and Italy and who, at different times, have been her students at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. The exhibition investigates distant approaches, visions and techniques, but what unites the works presented, albeit “formally” dissimilar, is the attention to the body as a unit of measurement, a vehicle for the experience of the world.

As the curator’s critical text reports: “The spatial tension in the works that we present in this exhibition creates a circular assonance, thanks to a continuous triangulation of thought and positions expressed, in a rebound of opposing similarities; acts as a strength to redefine the physical and emotional relationship with the work. Redesigning the world through the measure of the self, becomes a metaphor for the revealing process of art. Video, painting, drawing, performance, public action are structures of thought; not just means but mental substance, complex geographies of observation and measurement that allow us to redefine the space around us. Because it is art that give the shapes to the things of the world. (..)

The body is the measure of the drawings by Diana Legel, architect of modern temples, of the performances/actions of Lucia Bricco, Wang Ximan and Diana Sirianni, who redesign the space through the body, of the analysis of the “simple” mechanisms of the construction process opera (Juliane Schmidt), observation of nature, memory and disappearance (Aura Monsalves Muñoz, Alexandra Wolframm, Maria Giovanna Sodero).

This exhibition presents works that are not formally, but intimately similar, because they all investigate the complexity of our relationship with the world, memory, nature and pain, transforming conflict into an instrument of knowledge “(…)

The exhibition, promoted by the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, will be accompanied by a catalog that will be presented at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma and the Accademia Tedesca Roma Villa Massimo.

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