The work of Margherita Moscardini produced by AlbumArte in Istanbul enters in the MAXXI museum’s collection



From Istanbul Biennial at the MAXXI . The work of Margherita Moscardini enter in the permanent collection of MAXXI  the  National Italian Museum of XXI Century Arts

A new work in the permanent collection of the MAXXI , which we have discussed in detail during the opening days of the Istanbul Biennial : Margherita Moscardini enter in the museum with her work Istanbul City Hills-On the Natural History of Dispersion and States of Aggregation,  site – specific installation created during the artist’s residency in the Turkish city , within the project  Anteprima # 2 / The Spirit of the context , project by Cristina Cobianchi for AlbumArte Cultural Association.  Curated by Maria Rosa Sossai , Istanbul City Hills looks like a room completely covered with fragments of glass, sublime and tragic vision of the change in the city of the Bosphorus , in the throes of an unprecedented development , where the glass element is extremely present, crushed , stacked, split , to act as a counterpoint to an old city  ” rising ” at a dizzying rate . Anteprima# 2 , which includes the residency , the exhibition and the work of Margherita Moscardini, was produced by the Embassy of Italy in Turkey , by the Italian Institute of Culture in Istanbul and from AlbumArte , with the support of the collector Giorgio Fasol , with AGI Verona Collection, and Aldo Colella, with Visioni Future . The project was developed in collaboration with Eugenio Crifò , consultant to the research and production .

EXIBART Published Friday, October 4, 2013