Sta scrivendo… | URBAN POETIC ACTION by Iginio De Luca

AlbumArte presents

Sta scrivendo… 


by Iginio De Luca

 participated and shared by

 AlbumArte and Claudio Libero Pisano 

Rome, in a day in December, only with good weather, only from sunrise to sunset


Sta scrivendo… Will take place in the streets of Rome, often near to art spots, the Lungotevere, Viale Belle Arti, but also farther and much farther, and outside some Ministries.

Sta scrivendo… The action is scheduled for a day in the second half of December 2020, only with favourable weather conditions and only from sunrise to sunset.

Sta scrivendo… You will have to look around, gather various clues, read the walls, receive the messages, read between the lines, imagine, enlighten the listening, prepare the soul, use the eyes, activate the mind. Ears are not needed.

Sta scrivendo… Imagining us closed, now, in the darkness of a proscription. We are not considered essential, but we do not cease to exist.

Sta scrivendo… We want to turn on the light, we are suffocating.

Sta scrivendo… And who know if we will come back. We are writing for now, but in other places.


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