SLOWARTE ONE AGAINST ALL | Live Comparison with Luca Rossi | March 4, 2023

AlbumArte & Documenta LIVE present


Live Comparison with Luca Rossi

Introducers: Adriana Polveroni and Paola Ugolini

Saturday, March 4, 2023 6:00 p.m. AlbumArte | Via Flaminia 122, Rome

On Saturday, March 4 at 6 p.m., AlbumArte, will host the first public face-to-face discussion in Rome with Luca Rossi, who will be welcomed by Adriana Polveroni and Paola Ugolini, from the Scientific Committee of AlbumArte. “Luca Rossi, artist, critic, “open collective,” is considered the “red primrose” of the art world (cit). “Luca Rossi the most interesting artistic personality in Italy” (Fabio Cavallucci); “He is the New Vanessa Beecroft”(Giacinto Di Pierantonio). “Since I read Luca Rossi’s blog I no longer dedicate myself to the practice but only to the theory of art”(Angela Vettese); “Indiana Jones syndrome, Ikea evolved…”(ah no, he says this about others).

Since 2009, Luca Rossi has been developing an exhausting critique of the art world, from which derives an unconventional artistic design in which the idea of “museum,” “artist,” and “artwork” is rethought. In recent months he invents the term “slow art” to indicate a conception of art “more in tune with our life and with the most pressing urgencies of our present” (cit.his).

Luca Rossi, SLOWARTE. One against all will be a meeting open to the public and art critics, curators and artists, where we will address the most relevant issues of contemporary art, as a subject capable of making us “train new eyes” and concretely change the world. If art does not have life as its horizon, and does not represent a value for our lives we may as well do without it (cit L.R.).

To understand what this is all about, one must attend the meeting and challenge Luca Rossi in his most congenial terrain: contemporary art criticism.

Biographical notes

Luca Rossi, artist/collective critic, curator, blogger, controversial character who also works with anonymity, a kind of Anonymous of the Art System (where ego seems to no longer exist and where anyone can be Luca Rossi), where “critical processuality,” virtual space (the one created by the Internet) and the real one seem to have no more boundaries and mix into one.