Motel B presents GLOCAL TALES II
a video review curated by Francesca Guerisoli that develops in four solo exhibitions by Raffaella Crispino, Pietro Mele, Chiara Mu and Giuseppe Stampone.
Glocal Tales II is the second edition of Glocal Tales, carried out between May and July 2013, with Regina José Galindo, Oliver Ressler, Ciprian Muresan and Teresa Margolles.

The works of the exhibited artists are related each others by a clear stance on the political and social reality of specific contexts, as well as by a critical approach about the global market and finance dynamics that impact locally. Considering art as a political action that aims to trigger and contribute to social change, using the video in a different way, the four artists work on the relationship between life, human rights and the arts, address the issues of violence related to political and economic power. The videos in the exhibition are focused on particular local circumstances that relate to the global situation, telling in a different way the political, social, economic and financial conflict. From the theme of conflict in the Middle Eastern countries to the investigation of the temporal and geographical shift between eras and cultures (Raffaella Crispino), from the theme of compulsion and surrender, to the territorial cohabitation with daily activities of a NATO airport (Pietro Mele), from violent incidents that occurred during the London G20 and the G8 summit in Genoa to the gender-based violence (Chiara Mu), from the fate of migrants, to the city of L’Aquila after the earthquake (Giuseppe Stampone).

Raffaella Crispino: December 7 – 18.30
Pietro Mele: December 21 – 18.30
Chiara Mu: January 4 – 18.30
Giuseppe Stampone: January 18 – 18.30