Ivan Cantos

Born in 1967, lives and works in Madrid, Spain.
Ivan Cantos will be presenting a ceramic sculpture inspired by a picture of a drowned migrant near Gibraltar, the remains of his golden dreams for a better life. The artist chooses to show a man who seems asleep, leaving more space to personal interpretation. The graphite covering the scultpure makes it look like bronze as if it was an official portrait.
Ivan Cantos is a Spanish sculptor, painter and drawer. His work explores the individual, focusing on the expression of the inner self. He sculpts in wood and terracotta, often adding a layer of oil painting, in the Spaniard tradition. His portraits in bust or full-length decribes an expression, a mood, rather than a specific individual. Many of his painted or sculpted works can be seen as poetic depictions of his inner world.
Ivan Cantos has studied in Spain and was sent to the UK and Russia for residences. He exihibits in Madrid and Paris. In 2019 he wrote and illustrated a fiction book entitled “Las Musciadas” for La Huerta Grande Editions.



Image: Ivan Cantos, B.R-1765, oil and graphite on ceramic, 2015, courtesy of Galerie Ariane C-Y