Gregorio Samsa

Gregorio Samsa is an independent artistic duo formed in Rome in 2010. He has made several solo exhibitions in Turin, Rome and Milan. In 2012 he was a finalist for the Terna Prize 04 with the work “Babel”, category megawatts. The issue of the dialogue declined in its various facets, is at the center of his artistic research. Gregorio Samsa defines himself as a single artist whose work is the result of two minds in a constant dialogue.

Gregorio Samsa was born in Rome where he lives and works. Self-taught, uses different media such as video, sculpture, installation, performance and painting.

Solo Exhibitions:2017 The Sound & The Story, Auditoriumarte. One space/ One Sound – 13, Rome; 2016 VS2, 2nd Biennal Exhibition, Vittoria Theater, Pennabilli, Rimini;2016 Viaggiare sicuri, 2nd Biennal Exhibition, Tetro Vittoria, Pennabilli (RN); 2015 Where is Abel?, by Adriana Polveroni, AlbumArte, Rome; 2014 Viaggiare sicuri, 1st Biennal Exhibition One Night Event, different locations, Milan; 2013 1+1=1 / Hungry ghost, by Antonello Tolve, Cinema America, Rome; 2011 Real/Virtual, by Adriana Polveroni, Artissima 18 Side Event, Torino.

Group Exhibition:2020 DA CASA, Albumarte Virtual Exhibition; 2019 Albumarte 20×20, Albumarte, Rome; 2018 Twiner #6, Centrale del Tennis + Lea Viale delle Olimpiadi – Italic Forum, Rome; 2016 Premio Combat 07, Seventh Edition, G. Fattori Museum, Livorno, Italy;2015 The Upcoming Art, by Luca Beatrice, Hotel Principi di Piemonte,Turin.

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