Ariane C-Y

Ariane C-Y (Ariane Chauffert Yvart) lives and works in Paris. After a degree in History, she studied at the École du Louvre where she obtained the B.A. and then a Master in History of Art and Museology. She gained experiences working for auction houses and museums (Musée du Louvre, Newport Preservation Society – USA). As a curator, she had been in charge of creating a monographic museum on the XXth century painter Jacqueline Suzor de Panafieu, in Chantilly near Paris. Her personal research as an art historian focused on Charles de Beistegui’s style in interior design. She wrote articles on the subject and a radio play for France Inter, a French national radio, broadcasted in 2010.

She opened her pop-up gallery based in Paris, extending her curatorial work to exhibitions in the Netherlands and Russia.

Galerie Ariane C-Y is a pop-up gallery specialized in contemporary art with an emphasis on sculptures, paintings and drawings; each show takes place in a different venue, ranging from commercial spaces such as international art fairs to collaborations with museums, public institutions, national heritage sites and independent non-profit spaces, where the shows are organized with a scientific-informative intentions rather than commercial purpose.

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