Oltre la violenza | Collective exhibition | March 25 – April 1, 2023

Oltre la violenza

Curated by Miriana Pistillo

Collective exhibition: Alessandro Comandini, Andrea Colarieti, Chiara Masìa, Cristina Cappellini,Emanuela Rizzo, Joseph la Mela, Luciano Corvaglia, Luca Verardi, Sandra Paul, Veronica Parrinello

Performances by Barbara Lalle con Daniela Carreras e Loredana Margheriti  Mandala Renzitti

Opening Saturday 25 March 2023 at 6.30 pm Exhibition open until 1 April 2023 From Tuesday to Saturday 4.00pm – 7.00pm

AlbumArte | Via Flaminia 122, Rome

AlbumArte adheres to the program created within the Sister Day I believe you. Double violence against women: physical and social, promoted by the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, curated by Guglielmo Gigliotti and Miriana Pistillo with the collaboration of Mariana Pontillo, hosting the collective exhibition entitled Oltre la violenza, curated by Miriana Pistillo , from 25 March to 1 April 2023.

The two performances will be performed on the opening day on Saturday 25 March from 6.30 pm

The exhibition, which is made up of photographs, an audiovisual work and two performances, aims to reflect on gender violence in an artistic and cultural space that has often dealt with this theme, articulating a path that will accompany the spectator, as well as the vision of the works exhibited, in a participatory perspective through the autobiographical narration of the artists, the collection of testimonies of victims of violence and the hypotheses of the creation of a beyond violence, with hypotheses of love, solidarity, respect, poetry and dance.

Through the intervention and direct involvement of the public in the performances of Barbara Lalle Dressed by you and Mandala Renzitti Jamais seule who, through the use of their own bodies, will take on the pain of others by exorcising it and transforming it into a soothing embrace, a a fundamental practice for establishing an empathic bond between the spectator and the victims of violence.

The Oltre la violenza project. The image of women in art, history and society, curated by Miriana Pistillo, debuted on 25 November 2022 on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, at the Aldobrandini Scuderie Museum in Frascati ( RM).

On Saturday morning at 11 am, in the Aula Magna Lea Mattarella of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, the conference entitled Sister, I believe you will open. Double violence against women: physical and social, curated by Guglielmo Gigliotti and Miriana Pistillo, with the collaboration of Marianna Pontillo, of which the collective exhibition and performances at AlbumArte are the artistic narrative.

Speakers at the conference: Marisa Mosetti Magistrate of the First Criminal Section of the Court of Rome, Isabella De Angelis Magistrate of the Criminal Court of Velletri, Simone Rossi Officer of the Office for the Trial of the First Section of the Criminal Court of Rome – Protection of vulnerable subjects, Daniela Trincia Critic of art and curator of the AlbumArte project Anonymous Women (no longer) – Confrontation on feminicide, Cristina Dinello Cobianchi, President of AlbumArte | Independent Artistic Production Center Luisa Betti Dakli, Journalist expert in human rights, director of DonnexDiritti Network, Fabio Maria Cilento Psychologist Psychotherapist Expert in Psychology and Criminology at the Superintendency of Justice of Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise.

Moderator: Guglielmo Gigliotti, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

Institutional greetings from Cecilia Casorati, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

The actress Francesca Baglioni will recite Franca Rame’s monologue “The Rape”, 1977.

At the end of the conference, a manifesto of ethical behavior against violence against women in places dedicated to art will be presented as a preview, the result of the process activated by the meetings of “Women (no longer) anonymous. Confronto sul feminicide”, a project conceived and directed by Daniela Trincia and created by AlbumArte and Cristina Cobianchi, ongoing since 2016, which aims to open up discussions on gender violence, so that it can be recognized and fought through the reflection and testimony of experts /s, activists and artists. In recent years the following have contributed to the realization of the project: Simona Ammerata, Andrea Bernetti, Luisa Betti Dakli, Tomaso Binga, Caterina Boccardi, Arianna Bussoletti, Titti Carrano, Fabio Maria Cilento, Tiziana Colamonico Mensorio, Teresa Dattilo, Giuseppe Esposito, Ursula Franco, Silvia Giambrone, Giacomo Grifoni, Francesca Guerisoli, Cristiana Guerra, Rosa Jijon, Teresa Margolles, Francesco Martone, Maura Misiti, Angel Moya Garcia, Maria Francesca Palermo, Flavia Posabella, Stefania Salatino, Alessandra Sannella, Clara Tosi Pamphili, Sara Allegrucci – Matteo Bolognese, Roxy in the Box. The Code of Ethics of the art community against violence against women manifesto was drawn up by: Cristina Cobianchi and Daniela Trincia with the precious support of Simona Ammerata, Andrea Bernetti, Luisa Betta Dakli, Teresa Dattilo, Fabio Maria Cilento, Vera Maglioni, Anahi Mariotti. The exhibition is organized thanks to the support of: Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, AlbumArte and NESOS APS, a social promotion body for young people.

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