(No Longer) Unknown Women. Conversation on Femicide

Image: Gruppo di donne, Murale, 2012 – via dei Sardi, Roma –

AlbumArte presents

Donne (non più) anonime. Confronto sul femminicidio
(No longer) unknown women. C
onversation on femicide

Curated by Daniela Trincia


24 November, 2016 – 2 December, 2017

AlbumArte – via Flaminia 122 Roma 

The persistent, ferocious succession of violence on women denotes a very urgent and essential need to talk more and more about this phenomenon with growing committment, because violence is among us and anyone could be or become a victim.

During the first two appointments with Donne (non più) anonime at AlbumArte, on November 24th and 26th 2016, it became clear how important it is to give continuity to the conversation and discussion in a broader and more inclusive way, with the specific aim of generating a widespread awareness and a cultural breach. Because, unfortunately, femicide is primarily a cultural issue, and only by working on culture it can be eliminated.

donne non più anonime immagini

With the purpose of bringing forward the process started, we want to explore some of the topics and gather the ideas emerged during the first two appointments, always with the aid and experience of professionals working in the field that will deliver their knowledge, as well as the testimony of those who found themselves involved with one of the many forms of femicide.

We recognized the difficulty, which still exists, in accepting even the sole use of terminology and verbalization of gender violence on women with the femicide neologism; we put new meetings on the 2017 calendar, during which we will explore how language constructs the narrative of femicide, how art expresses and it is expressed on it, trying then to analyze the topic from the point of view of the woman abused, from that of the abusive man and of assisted violence, also placing a specific attention on the different strategies deployed to constrast and control such phenomenon.

Therefore, let’s get together for a year.

In 2017, AlbumArte appointments will be more or less on a bi-monthly basis.
The topics addressed and participating guests of each meeting will be announced from time to time.

The agenda for 2016/2017:

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