Iginio De Luca | SOTTO / SALE: screening and talk on October, 25 at 7pm

AlbumArte presents

Iginio De Luca  |  SOTTO / SALE
(video, 2017)

Followed by a conversation between the artist and Anna Cestelli Guidi 

Wednesday, October 25 2017 at 7:00pm
AlbumArte – Via Flaminia 122, Roma

After his solo exhibition Riso amaro. Ten years of blitz (curated by Claudio Libero Pisano, June 14 – July 21, 2017), Iginio De Luca returns to AlbumArte with the short video SOTTO / SALE (video 16:9, color, sound, lenght 5’29’’) that shows the sound installation composed by eight mp3 players and eight headphones, realized for the category Special Project at the Apulia Land Art Festival 2017.

History is a protest against oblivion (Eric Hobsbawm) 

“I was in Margherita di Savoia for the first time on August 5th of this year, invited by curators Helia Hamedani and Girolamo Pizzetti on the occasion of the Apulia Land Art Festival. During those days, the town was celebrating the Santissimo Sacramento (Holy Sacrament); many people were on the streets, as well as corridors of countless decorative lights and remarkable market stalls. The amount of people attending the event was in contrast with the desolation of the silent salt mines just next to the celebration, where the the noise and vitality of the town echoed in a spatial and symbolic confrontation. On that day, I had the idea to gather the two souls of the place in one descreet, delicate sound installation, embodying the private stories of ordinary people and those of the salt mines, humble and public, including the intimate dimension of affective relationships and the social dimension of work. The expression “sotto sale” (literally “under salt”), understood as primary form of food conservation, is here translated into a highly symbolic concept that becomes a sort of utopia of eternity. Eight headphones, recounting the memories of the people interviewed, emerge from the thick coat of salt: eight as to resonate the octagon of Castel del Monte, a symbol of Puglia, reproduced in a random map of historical geometry. Each headset reveals what people have preserved, frozen, taken away from the oblivion of time; each cable is at the height of the speaker from the ground to the ear. This way, those who listen are invited to identify both physically and emotionally with those speaking from such an active and energetic context, that is constantly living in the present.”

Iginio De Luca

Iginio De Luca

Born in Formia on August 21st 1966. He lives in both Rome and Turin, teaching Decoration and Multimedia Installations at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone (RM). He is a multifaceted artist: a musician, an actor, a visual artist. He makes videos, installations, and performances. In recent years, his work has focused mainly on the productions of videos, photographic images, and on what he calls blitz. Lying somewhere in between urban art and performance, blitz features elements of great disturbance and visual impact. Hybridizing with ethics and aesthetics, technology and behavioral actions, De Luca stresses the interaction between the environment and the public, denouncing the crisis of values of our time with both irony and commitment. His design and consequent methodological and operational choices have always been characterized by the use of multiple linguistic registers. The common denominator is the need to break down securities and codes of formal expression, deceiving reality and surprising spectators from behind. The artist sews a delicate equilibrium between different signs of nature. The task of the audience is to decode this web through active participation and responses to questions that cannot be eluded. Although operating on many fields, Iginio De Luca develops a consistent and solid body of work. The artist took part in several personal and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.


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