Homo Faber. Ipsius fortunae | OPENING on May 3, 2017 at 6:30pm


AlbumArte presents 

Homo Faber  | Ipsius fortunae
Marroni – Ouanely (Solo Show)

May 3 14, 2017 

A nomadic project in collaboration with Flaq Paris 

OPENING: Wednesday May 3, 2017 at 6:30p.m.

AlbumArte – via Flaminia 122, Rome 

Sunday, May 14: special opening from 6 to 9pm (Music Selection by Vincenzo Vuolo) 

AlbumArte, independent space for contemporary art, is pleased to welcome the project Homo Faber from the 3rd of May to the 14th. The project, born to be nomadic, is conceived and realized by the Italian-French artistic duo Marroni – Ouanely, whose objective is to bring it back to Paris, going up through Italy, enriching and developing it at each stop, through the creation of site-specific installations.

The realization of the project has been possible thanks to the collaboration with Flaq Paris, center for artistic and cultural experimentation, born in Paris in 2010, which, likewise AlbumArte, is actively dedicated to the promotion and support of young emerging artists of the international scene. After a presentation at the Contemporary Architecture Archive in Salerno in June 2016, Homo Faber arrives in Rome for its second stop, where the artists add further site-specific works to the exhibition, built with materials collected around the location of AlbumArte and produced in the same space. 

At the core of Marroni – Ouanely’s artistic research is the theme of reappropriation of images and objects; they examine the matter between creation and archive, experimenting with different languages such as photography, collage, installation and video. Altering a conventional understanding of the domestic and the mundane, Marroni-Ouanely proceed by way of opposing durable and more ephemeral materials, an ‘in-between’ positioned among the ordinary object and that of consumption, staging a dialogue between reality and ficiton, craft and industry, past and future. The artists thus create a continuous and discontinuous, heterogeneous set of shapes and sensitive experiences, giving life to an experimental aesthetics between the museum and an imaginary space, an aesthetics that Marroni – Ouanely like to ironically address as “primitive-contemporary”. 

Through production, also called creation, man affirms himself in the world as homo faber. These assemblages gain meaning when considered as a whole, rather than separated, as objects to which assign a status of ‘authentic’ work of art. Their material formation evokes a tension also on a conceptual level. There is a dialogue around the dialectic of tradition and experimentation; between artistic gesture, so-called ‘authentic’, and everyday act, between work of art and daily object. The photo-mosaics created by the duo extend the conversation between materials that are rarely found next to each other, creating a relation a variety of imaginary. Two different artistic practies are brought together, crossing the borders that separate the medium and those separating the ages of mosaic and photography. This visual experience explores and multiplies the possibilites to modify our sensitive relation to space. Marroni – Ouanely’s work becomes, first of all, a work of the homo fabe  that essentially transforms nature.

The selection of works for the project Homo faber / Ipsius fortunae comprises installations and photographic works redesinged specifically for the spaces of AlbumArte, and a stie-specific installation that will be presented for the first time to the public. 

The project has received the patronage of the Assessorato alle Attività Produttive, Cultura e Sport del Municipio II (Department for Activities, Culture and Sport of the 2nd Municipality) of Roma Capitale. In collaboration with Flaq Paris. In addition, we wish to thank Casale del Giglio for the wine tasting.


The duo Marroni-Ouanely (Thomas Marroni, Rome, 1984 / Romain Ouanely, Paris, 1987), based in Paris, was created in 2011 in the occasion of  the project J-J à l’epoque, (Flaq Paris), a first reflection on the plastic relationship between photography and painting. During the years, the duo has oriented the research towards different artistic forms such as collage and mosaic, although their visual language is mostly expanded through the use of sculpture and installations. The use of photographic images, mundane and organic materials, stimulates a reconsideration of the relationship between man and space, substance and reality. Their last work, Homo Faber, has been presented  at the Archive of Contemporary Architecture in Salerno, with the patronace of Comune di Salerno, in collaboration with Flaq Paris and the non-profit organization Laboratorio dei Pensieri Scomposti. 

Flaq Paris is a center for artistic and cultural experimentation, born in Paris in 2010. It is is active in the promotion and support of young emerging artists of the international scene, specialising in disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, performance and video-art. Since its opening, it collaborates with museums and art foundations, among them Centre Pompidou, Musèe du Quai de Branly and Musèe de la Halle Saint Pierre in Paris. [ ]