Flavio Favelli in Yapi Kredi’s collection

AlbumArte is thrilled to announce that Flavio Favelli’s artwork entitled Archive (Carpet) was purchased by Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yay.Tic.San.A.Ş. to become part of one of the most prestigious and rich art collection in Turkey. The artwork was created in spring 2014 during his artist-in-residence in Istanbul promoted by AlbumArte, The Embassy of Italy in Turkey, and the Italian Institute of Culture in Istanbul.
The work is a large carpet (size: 350×250 cm) formed by assembling portions of old Oriental carpets belonging to the collection of the antique furniture of the Bank.

Flavio Favelli’s artist-in-residence, curated by Vittorio Urbani, ended with the exhibition Grape Juice at the Galata Rum Okulu in Istanbul (May 16 | June 14, 2014).

In 2015 the book Flavio Favelli Grape Juice – which talks about Flavio Favelli’s experience as artist-in-residence in Istanbul was published by Maretti Editore.

Image: courtesy Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yay.Tic.San.A.Ş.