Flavio Favelli – Grape Juice | the book

Flavio Favelli – Grape Juice | the book
Texts by: Cristina Cobianchi, Flavio Favelli, Cristiana Perrella, Vittorio Urbani

Language: Italian | English
Edit by Maretti Editore


On Friday, May 16th the Italian artist Flavio Favelli (born in Florence, 1967) will inaugurate his first solo exhibition to be held in Istanbul. It is entitled Grape Juice and is curated by Vittorio Urbani. It will be held until June 14th in the Main Hall of the Galata Rum Okulu, the neo-classical nineteenth century Galata Greek School, which has now been transformed into a fully equipped exhibition space. This was one of the main venues of the 13th  Istanbul Biennial (2013).
The exhibition Grape Juice is the direct result of Favelli’s recent period as artist-in-residence at Palazzo Venezia, the residence in Istanbul of the Ambassador of Italy to Turkey. This period of study and work was conducted as part of the third edition of the international Anteprima project, which is organized by AlbumArte.

The book talks about Flavio Favelli’s experience as artist-in-residence in Istanbul from April to May 2014 thanks to AlbumArte, in which the artist presented a new series of works created thanks to a direct relationship with the city, which he experienced at a time of particular social and political tension, and contains an interesting photographic production of both.

The text of Favelli beging during the day on which he salts airplane to leave to Istanbul. Cristina Cobianchi explains the reasons that convinced AlbumArte to invite him into their residence in that city. They relate about some car trips to research any materials and places where Favelli recovered the pieces used then for his exhibition, visiting the suburbs and industrial areas of Istanbul, along with Murat Özelmas, that before this project, was the assistant of the writer Orhan Pamuk, to the creation of the Museum of Innocence.

The book continue with the critical text by Vittorio Urbani about the exhibition and about the poetic art of Favelli, who had previously participated in a group show curated by Urbani at the Elgiz Museum in Istanbul.
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The book ends with a long and very interesting conversation between Favelli 
and Cristiana Perrella; she has been in Istanbul during the artist-in-residence in two distinct moments: at the beginning and in the end.

It was
a talk about Favelli and his project, arranged by the Italian Cultural Institute of Istanbul on Saturday, May 17th 2014, with the participation of the Director of MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts Anna Mattirolo, art critics Paola Ugolini, besides Cristiana Perrella and Vittorio Urbani.
The period of residence and the exhibition were realized by: AlbumArte, the Italian Embassy in Turkey, the Italian Cultural Institute in Istanbul, Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities Arts and Publishing, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Turkey.

The book was published by and Maretti Editore also with the support of Nuova Icona.

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