Eva Frapiccini | Dreamscape | Turin Naples Genoa


curated by Paola Ugolini

May 9-24 POLO DEL ‘900 Turin

June 7-12 MUSEO MADRE Naples

July 6-16 FONDAZIONE PER LA CULTURA – PALAZZO DUCALE 14-16 as part of the Electropark festival Genoa


a production AlbumArte

in collaboration with Forevergreen as part of Electropark 2023

Museo Madre Napoli, Fondazione per la Cultura – Palazzo Ducale Genoa, Polo del ‘900 Turin, Comune di Genova, Collettivo Zero APS Naples, Fondazione Morra Naples,, Labont – Center for Ontology University of Turin, Sala Dogana a Palazzo Ducale Genoa

The Dreamscape project received a grant from the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation as part of the call for proposals “ART~WAVES. For creativity, from the idea to the scene,” which looks at the consolidation of the creative identity of territories through the support of programming in the field of performing arts and contemporary creative production, combining research, production, supply and distribution in an ecosystem logic to strengthen the artistic vocations of the territory.

Concept and artistic direction Eva Frapiccini Curated by Paola Ugolini Project direction Cristina Cobianchi General coordination Marta Bracci Production assistant Elena Inchingolo Music Sara Berts Sound designer & Interactive systems Emanuele Lauriola Mixer engineer Nicolò Foglia Design setting Michele Tavano Videomaker & video editor Ylenia Busolli Graphic Design Grazia Dammacco

Accompanying Dreamscape in the three stages of Turin, Naples and Genoa will be a series of COLLATERAL ACTIVITIES that through the public program, workshops, a panel, various talks and a scientific publication, will involve secondary schools of I and II degrees, universities and the inhabitants of the territories involved.

Dreamscape is a new immersive sound installation by Eva Frapiccini, a multimedia artist and researcher particularly interested in the relationship between memory, Power and socio-political changes. The work, created under the curatorship of Paola Ugolini and produced by AlbumArte, will be hosted from May 9 to 24 at the Polo del ‘900 in Turin and then move from June 7 to 12 to the Museo Madre in Naples and from July 6 to 16 to the Fondazione per la Cultura – Palazzo Ducale in Genoa (from July 14 to 16 it will be presented as part of the Electropark 2023 Festival).

After the audiovisual installation and performance Dust of Dreams presented by AlbumArte in 2022, Dreamscape is the second landing place of an international research project developed by Eva Frapiccini over the course of no less than eleven years entitled Dreams’ Time Capsule: from 2011 to 2022, the artist collected and recorded inside a traveling capsule the account of their dreams by thousands of individuals from all over the world, bringing out – on the occasion of the first democratic vote in Egypt, for example, or immediately after Brexit – some recurring themes, key words, archetypes.

“The purpose of the archiving was to accomplish a utopian work, to reach out to people in different parts of the world to record their night dreams, to see if there were any common images, testing the Jungian collective unconscious. Over the years, during historic votes, pandemics, and national referendums, this call was answered by more than 2,300 people who entered the traveling facility in Bogota, Cairo, Stockholm, Genoa, Berlin, Sharjah, Turin, Dubai, Riga, and Bergamo,” the artist says.

A research project that translated first into the video installation of 2022, which was also followed by a performative version on choreography by Daniele Ninarello, to give plasticity, body and image to this extraordinary dream material; and now into an immersive and interactive sound installation that puts the audience at the center of the scene ready to (re)discover and (re)travel through the voices that make up the archive of dreams, according to that reflection on the role of the spectator who, in the digital era, is also a creator of content, another recurring theme in Eva Frapiccini’s artistic research.

Between penumbra and light structures, sound dramaturgy by sound artist Sara Berts and interactive systems developed by Emanuele Lauriola, Dreamscape thus shifts the focus from remote viewing to a live participatory experience, in which the relationship between physicality, artistic work and exhibition space becomes fundamental. An extremely intimate and collective experience at the same time that reveals the universal dimension of the unconscious, as dreams transcend the cultures to which those who generate them belong.

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