Delphine Valli | The Impossible Present | Italian Council (10th edition, 2021) Research Fellowship with Foreign Residency

The Impossible Present, a research project that won the 10th edition of the Italian Council with a residency at La MaisonDAR in Algiers, is located on the Algiers-Marseille axis and includes Rome, three cities on the Mediterranean where the artist has lived. The research shifts the barycentre of attention towards the south.

With The Impossible Present, the artist will reconnect with the country where she grew up with the aim of studying the complexity of Islamic art models in order to better understand their influence on her practice. With a view to opening up to Algiers and engaging in dialogue with international organisations working in the fields of art (FAI-AR, Mucem – Museum dedicated to the cultures of the Mediterranean, Marseille), philosophy and science (Opera Mundi, Marseille), the project aspires to the convergence of knowledge as a means of understanding reality and individual and collective experience. A publication with an artistic and open character, produced with Parallelo42 Contemporary Art, will bring together the material elaborated during the residency and the critical texts. The project will be presented and returned with two Artist Talks at AlbumArte, Rome.

From the project: “Islamic models were created to lead to the understanding of the underlying reality, they are not mere decorations and since they cannot represent the divine figure, invisible by nature, they have internalised the spiritual datum. (…) The invisible has long been the domain of the spiritual, while our time confronts us with the fact that its great challenges are linked to it as the recent discoveries of quantum physics have shown and as the art critic Nicolas Bourriaud reminds us (pollutants, the virus that has been affecting us for more than a year, are invisible).”

Curatorial support Melania Rossi

Cultural Partners


Mucem, Department of Research

Opera Mundi

FAI-AR a La Cité des Arts de la Rue

Les Ecrans du Large a La Friche Belle de Mai

Technical Sponsor Parallelo42 Contemporary Art



Project supported by the Italian Council (10th edition, 2021), program to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture