Dario Agati – Fabio Giorgi Alberti. Quite Solo | Opening February 15, 2018

AlbumArte presents 

Dario Agati  |  Fabio Giorgi Alberti
Quite solo 

Exhibition of the winners of the Dancity Open Call – Control Reversal Award
part of Dancity Art Session 2017

Curated by Carla Capodimonti and Marta Silvi 

Opening on Thursday, February 15th, 2018 from 6:30 till 9:30pm (Happy Hour)
Until March 1st, 2018 

As part of the ongoing project AlbumArte | Flash! – a series of short exhibitions hosted by AlbumArte
AlbumArte, Via Flaminia,122 Roma



From February 15th to March 1st 2018, the artists Dario Agati and Fabio Giorgi Alberti present a series of unpublished pictorial works and installations in the double personal exhibition Quite solo, introducing their original research to the public

The artists realize the exhibition at AlbumArte as joint winners of the Dancity Open Call 2017 Control Reversal, which is part of the Dancity Art Session, on the occasion of the Dancity Festival (11th edition).

Dancity Festival is an international festival of culture and electronic music born in 2006, organized by the Cultural Association Dancity with the aim of promoting research and experimentation in various creative fields. Dancity takes place in Foligno, in the heart of Umbria. In 2017 it has reached its eleventh edition. Within it, DANCITY ART SESSION 2017 curated by Carla Capodimonti and Marta Silvi hosted: Claire Fontaine, Breakfast Starts At Midnight, neon blue, 2011; William Basinski & James Elaine, The River, video installation, 2005; <open window>, sound installation by Brian Catling, Roberto de Simone, Francesco Fonassi and Liliana Moro, Dan Kinzelman, Myriam Laplante, Franco Piersanti, Raimund Ritz, Nyla van Ingen; DANCITY // OPEN CALL Control Reversal, exhibition of the selected projects; preview of the book Fallimento by Teresa Macrì.

The artists Dario Agati and Fabio Giorgi Alberti present a series of unpublished pictorial works and installations in the double personal exhibition Quite solo, introducing their original research to the public. The space of AlbumArte becomes a place of encounter, a meeting place for games of references between fullness and emptiness, disappearances and revelations.
A certain unpredictability of choices characterizes the work of Dario Agati, which is linked to the time, often long, employed by the artist for the realization of each work. These choices tend to change and take new shapes according to the necessities of the moment, stratified by specific temporal evolutions. With the ironic tone that distinguishes his work, Agati breaches the boundaries transforming the art of painting into a medium that blends with desire. Created for the occasion, all the works presented are called Untitled (you would not understand): “It amazes like a firework, but it lasts just a moment, and later the sky turns back how it was before. In the end, only a sparkle of this research can eventually reach the spectator, only a small part, the superficial layer of things. I work and think all day, looking for something indefinite, in an attempt to change the way to see the world”. A bitter and disenchanted statement that seems to give voice to a generation, the one born at the end of the 80s, who has seen its expectations breaking up and its dreams vanishing.
Fabio Giorgi Alberti instead works on the broad concept of time, understood as an empathic experience between the authorial self and the spectatorial us. At the basis of the participatory research to which the artist submits his works is the encounter of different visual spaces, within specific temporal coordinates. He employs the contamination between sculpture, video, painting, poetry, to investigate the language and the relationship of the individual with the reality that surrounds him/her. The vaguely displacing element operates as an index to rethink the new position of the observer in a world that’s changed. His works deal in fact with the idea of circularity and fragmentation: reality is a flow of isolated events, and the individual himself has the task of connecting these according to his/her own experience, creating a unique (and perhaps unpublished) suitable narrative. The work of art thus becomes a bridge between two subjectivities, that of the artist and that of the spectator.



Dario Agati (1990) born in Caltagirone, he lives in Rome. Dario got his Bachelor and Master Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and a Postgraduate Specialization in Graphic Art Languages. During his studies he spent few months in Paris studying at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs as Erasmus student. From 2015 he works as assistant for Professor G. Campisi in the course of Art print. From 2017 he teaches Drawing and Art history at secondary schools. His works have been exhibited in various collective shows in Italy and Europe, such as: Uscita D’emergenza, curated by Whart, Museo MACRO Testaccio, Rome, 2015; Μύθοι_ Myths, curated by M. R. Sossai e M. Balka, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, 2014; Impressiò Esperimental, promoted by Fundaciò Xavier Nogues, Escola Massana, Barcelona, 2014; Extra Moenia, curated by L. Perilli, CIAC- Centro Internazionale per l’Arte Contemporanea, Castello Colonna, Genazzano, Rome, 2014; Limen Arte 2012, curated by M. Caggiano, G. Di Bert, Palazzo Enrico Gagliardi, Vibo Valentia, 2012; Artesiana – Artisti in Villa, curated by G. Cantamessa, Parco Archeologico della Villa Romana del Casale, Enna, 2012. 

Fabio Giorgi Alberti (1980). Born in the Netherlands. He grew up and studied in Italy. He lives between Bevagna, in Umbria, and Rome. His work is the result of a contamination between sculpture, video, painting and poetry, as medias for investigating language and the relationship of an individual with reality. He has exhibited in independent and institutional spaces, in Italy and abroad among which: Straperetana, curated by S. Verini, a project by P. Capata and D. Durante, Pereto (Aq), 2017; The Milky Way 3, curated by Fondazione Pianoterra onlus, Galleria Giò Marconi, Milan, 2016; Matrimonio all’italiana, curated by Home Movies and Nosadelladue, Ex Atelier Corradi, Bologna, 2016; Bomb Gallery Art Lazareti, Dubrovnik (Hr), 2015; Biotopographies, Citè  Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2014; A here in another now, curated by C. L. Pisano, La Colata project room, CIAC  Genazzano, Rome, 2013; Tutto – Teoria e pratica di caos espositivo, curated by G. Gaspari and S. Vedovotto, 26 cc, Rome, 2013; Above is only sky a Expograph, Wien, 2012; Premio Roma centro storico, curated by C. Casorati, Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, Archivio del Consiglio di Stato, Rome, 2012; Bomb Gallery Preview Show, Galerie Axel Obiger, Berlin, 2012.

Carla Capodimonti (1984) is an independent art curator, graduated in Art History at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, with a master thesis about the artist Alberto Garutti. For several years she collaborated with Centro Internazionale per l’Arte Contemporanea Palazzo Lucarini di Trevi – Ex Flash Art Museum. She mainly deals with Sound Art, sound researches, and with site specific projects related to the territory. She is a member of the international network NOW New Operation Wave, with which she follows and activates the work of Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, and she collaborates with RAM Radioartemobile and Zerynthia (Rome). Over the years she has been involved in European partnerships for the development of contemporary art projects in rural areas. She has written for catalogs and trade magazines. From 2014 and, together with Marta Silvi in 2017, she curated the Visual Arts section for the Dancity Festival in Foligno, presenting exhibitions, performances, talks and special projects (Yann Novak, WIlliam Basinski & James Elaine, Claire Fontaine). Since 2014 she has been among the promoters of the Dancity Open Call award. She is a curator member of LUX, a research project between contemporary music and visual arts. Among the latest curated exhibitions: Why Patterns? Sound as visual language (with curators Simone Ciglia, Francesca Lilli, Marco Marzuoli, Barbara Nardacchione, multiple locations, 2016. Among the artists: Matteo Nasini, Francesco Fonassi, Nicola Di Croce, Fabio Perletta, Roberto Pugliese, William Basinski & James Elaine, Richard Chartier, Christina Vantzou); A Constellation of Moments: sound aesthetics in Abruzzo from the 90s to present time (with curator Leandro Pisano, 2016, Museolaboratorio, Città Sant’Angelo. Among the artists: Andrea Gabriele, Fabio Perletta, Tu M’); MaerzMusik – The Long Now / William Basinski & James Elaine, Video and Tape Loops (with LUX, 2017, presented by Berlin Atonal, Kraftwerk, Berlin); restāre (with NOW New Operation Wave, 2017, multiple locations. Artists: Francesco Fonassi, Fabio Perletta).

Marta Silvi (1980) is an independent art critic and curator. Graduated in History of Contemporary Art at the University “Sapienza” of Rome, she got a Ph.D. in History of Visual Arts and Performing Arts at the University of Pisa with a thesis on the re-employment of moving images. In 2007 she was finalist in the II Edition of the DARC MAXXI National Award for the History and the Critique of Contemporary Italian Art. Between 2008 and 2012 she was co-director of Monitor gallery in Rome. She has contributed to international university publications and she took part to the book Cinema d’Artista by Maria Rosa Sossai, Silvana Editoriale, 2009. She was first assistant and then curator for several exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She has curated, among the most recent exhibitions, On the Tip of My Tongue (Gabriele De Santis, Stanislao Di Giugno, Simone Pappalardo, Ruth Proctor, Bernardo Vercelli / Quiet Ensemble, Alice Schivardi, Angela Zurlo), Palazzo Trinci, 2014; Nico Vascellari, Lum, Former Church of Santa Maria di Betlem, 2014; The Loneliness of Monuments (Tomaso De Luca, Stefano Emili, Gabriele Porta, Matteo Fato), Palazzo Candiotti, 2016; Nicola Samorì, CIAC, 2016, all in Foligno. In 2014 and, together with Carla Capodimonti, in 2017 she curated the Visual Arts section for the Dancity Festival in Foligno, presenting exhibitions, performances, talks and special projects (Nico Vascellari, 2014, Claire Fontaine, 2017). Since 2015 he has been among the promoters of the Dancity Open Call award. In 2016 she was Professor in “Large Events Organization” course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She is an independent curator and art critic. Regular contributor for Artforum and Flash Art Italia; she also collaborates with Artribune, ATP Diary, Look Lateral.