Campo Grossi Maglioni: Start in the Middle, a performance by Vision Forum | April 27, 2017


AlbumArte presents 

Campo Grossi Maglioni

Start in the Middle (performance) 

A Vision Forum project
By Per Hüttner (artist) and Carima Neusser (choreographer)
 Music by Siri Jennefelt 

Thursday April 27, 2017 

The performance, which closes Campo Grossi Maglioni exhibition, is open to public by reservation only (time will be communicated to participants) 

From 8.00 to 9.00 p.m.
Visit to the new setup with its last change
(free entrance)  

At the conclusion of Campo Grossi Maglioni exhibition, a project elaborated during the Grossi Maglioni duo’s ten years of activity, Per Hüttner and Carima Neusser will present the performance Start in the Middle with music by Siri Jennefelt. From 8 to 9 pm, it will possible to visit the new setup with its last change (free entrance).        

Start in the Middle is a participatory event that mixes the formats of lecture and meditation into a seamless whole. The performers use sounds, lights, images and contemplative exercises to invite the audience to participate in a collective journey. The participation allows them to engage in physical and imaginative activities that opens paths to engage with their personal wishes and desires. 

No one knows the limits of the human body. Every week a sportsman sets a new record; a yogi pushes his or her mind further and a team of researchers develops a new drug that can change the chemistry of our organs. The human body has capabilities to break new ground and to take experiences never lived before. In other words, human thought and human bodies can interact in an infinity of ways and can constantly create new alliances to find new expressions of power. 

The performance challenges notions of constraints and freedom. What do we do on a personal level to push the boundaries to overcome ourselves and our own restrictions? Are we prisoners of our worldviews, fears and pragmatism or can imagination open paths to new solutions to old problems? Can we gain something by letting go of control and embrace the unknown? The immersive qualities of meditation and music and the critical perspective of the lecture together offer a format to develop new interactions between thinking and the awareness of the body. 

The role of imagination means that the performance also contains reflections about the artistic process and how outlook on the sense of self is challenged through artistic work. Special attention is in other words given how creativity can be fostered to become a more integrated part of the artists’ and audience’s everyday through ongoing exchanges. The artists draw inspiration from filmmakers like Luis Buñuel and Liliana Cavani, photographer Nabuyoshi Araki as well as anthropological research by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro.

Start in the Middle is a project by Vision Forum, a non-profit organisation that carries out research, meetings and production in contemporary visual art across both geographical and disciplinary borders. They also develop educational modules and research in collaboration with the organisation Curatorial Mutiny. Vision Forum is a network of visual artists and curators from Europe who work together with creators in other artistic fields along with researchers in the humanities and sciences. They currently focus on three main fields of interest: developing new hybrid forms for performance practices; projects that offer platforms for meetings between visual art, dance, literature, music, theatre and other cultural expressions; projects that offer platforms for meetings between art and research in the sciences and humanities. Vision Forum has recently worked with leading institutions like IASPIS, Moderna Museet and Bonniers konsthall in Stockholm; Tate Britain, Tate Modern, David Roberts Art Foundation and ICA in London; Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and Palais de Tokyo, in Paris; UCCA in Beijing; Rockbund Museum and Mingshen Museum in Shanghai; Mori Art Museum and Spiral in Tokyo; Serralves museum and Casa da Musica in Porto; MAM and Pinacoteca in Sao Paulo; Museo Jumex in Mexico City; Documenta 14 in Athens; De Appel and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.