Bon courage mon amour | Cycle of online meetings with the artists

AlbumArte presents 

Bon courage mon amour

Cycle of meetings with the artists live streaming on FB

curated by Cristina Cobianchi for AlbumArte 

from March 17, 2021, on Wednesday

During this infinite time characterized by pain and physical, spiritual and economic loss, we want to try to find words that can comfort us. Who better than an artist can, through his vision and his poetics, enlighten our spirit and stimulate new paths for our heavy present? It has been a long time since we have been able to meet them, feel what they think and what they feel especially at this moment, a year since the beginning of the confinement and social distancing that encapsulated the whole world of art and culture in glacial isolation and,  in addition to simply thinking that seeing them again can be an effective soothing for our spirit we also consider it in some way necessary .

In an interesting reflection published in Artsy and then translated for Finestre sull’Arte (Why do we need artists in politics? 12 March 2020), Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Swiss curator, critic and art historian, artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries of London, writes “If there has ever been a time when the world needed artists, that time is now. Society needs their radical ideas, their visions, their perspectives “tracing this idea to the British artist, educator and provocateur John Latham (Livingstone, 1921 – London, 2006) (…)” Latham believed that the world could be changed only by those who want and are able to conceive of reality in a holistic and intuitive way. And the individual best equipped to do this, Latham suggested, is the artist. “

Many others, such as Joseph Beuys for example, felt they could consider the artist as a particularly receptive social actor.

Starting from the month of March, AlbumArte will propose a series of conversations, with and between some artists who have been animating and inhabiting it for a long time with their ideas and their works, which will be held at AlbumArte and broadcast live on FB .

The artists of the first cycle of meetings:

Sonia Andresano, Romina Bassu, Angelo Bellobono, Simone Cametti, John Cascone, Iginio De Luca, Davide Dormino, Silvia Giambrone, Cecilia Luci, Rita Mandolini, Elena Nonnis, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Filippo Riniolo, Zaelia Bishop and Emanuele Napolitano