ALL BOOM ARTE. Italian Artists at AlbumArte 2011 – 2020 | Presentation at Art House of the project winner of the Italian Council (8th edition 2020)

Saturday, September 11

AlbumArte and Art House present

Italian Artists at AlbumArte 2011-2020

Editorial project winner of the Italian Council (VIII edition 2020) 
Edited by Cristina Cobianchi (AA.VV)
Editorial project coordination Fabiola Fiocco
General coordination Marta Bracci
Quodlibet editore (September 2021)

and projection of the video 

Chasing Boundaries Shkodër
by Zaelia Bishop and Emanuele Napolitano 
with Driant Zeneli, Lek Gjeloshi, Donika Çina and Alket Frasheri

Ekrani i Artit, Shkodër 9-11 September
Art House, Rruga At Shtjefen Gjeçovi 15
Shkodër Albania

Adrian Paci, Lek Gjeloshi, Driant Zeneli e Cristina Cobianchi

Saturday, September 11 at 5.30 pm, as part of the activities of the festival Ekrani i Artit 2021, AlbumArte presents at Art House in Shkodra (Albania) the editorial project ALL BOOM ARTE. Italian artists at AlbumArte 2011 – 2020, curated by Cristina Cobianchi (Quodlibet editore, 2021), realized thanks to the support of the Italian Council (VIII edition 2020) program for the promotion of Italian contemporary art in the world of the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Within the presentation of the volume, the screening of the video Chasing Boundaries Shkoder (2019, 45′) directed by Italian artists Zaelia Bishop and Emanuele Napolitano featuring Albanian artists Driant Zeneli, Lek Gjeloshi, Donika Çina and Alket Frasheri.

As Cristina Cobianchi, founder of AlbumArte and curator of the book, underlines: “To be able to form a community around our projects has been ‘the dream to be realized’ since the beginning of my adventure in contemporary art. The strength of AlbumArte has been the desire to share with courage, curiosity and coherence an intellectual and artistic space, opening up to new contents and new visions. I tried to explain our journey in this book and to tell it by including as many voices as possible, because this was the task I had assigned myself.”

We will start the international presentations of this book at Art House in Shkodra, Albania, the childhood home of Adrian Paci’s family, transformed into a place of experimentation and support platform for local artists, directed with his wife Melisa Ballata, because AlbumArte started its journey in Istanbul, with exhibitions, residencies and video screenings and one of the first artists involved was Adrian Paci, who presented with us in 2013, his wonderful The Column, Collateral Event at the 13 Istanbul Biennial, right after his exhibition at Jeau de Paume in Paris. In 2016, we presented Driant Zeneli’s solo exhibition in Rome and in 2019, the video Chasing Boundaries Shkoder by Zaelia Bishop and Emanuele Napolitano co – produced by AlbumArte, which cohosted Albanian artists Driant Zeneli, Lek Gjeloshi, Donika Çina and Alket Frasheri.” Chasing Boundaries is a series of documentaries on contemporary art directed by Zaelia Bishop and Emanuele Napolitano and coordinated by Micol Di Veroli, developed with the aim of describing the condition of making art within a work that approaches video art and tends to overcome the traditional narrative method and linear structure in favor of an open platform. The goal is also to gather different voices from distant lands, managing to transform these experiences into artistic production. For the fourth installment of the series, about Shkodra in Albania, artist Adrian Paci provided Art House for the interviews, where the invited artists offered four totally heterogeneous creative visions dealing with various social and creative aspects such as illusion and failure, national identity and religion, fear and hope.

The artists and curators selected in these ten years of activity by AlbumArte, have managed to build a community and to form a network of intellectual exchanges and opportunities for work, connection and research and it is precisely on this community of young or emerging artists that the attention of the volume ALL BOOM ARTE is focused, an aggregative phenomenon still in progress, which has involved and continues to involve dozens of artists, including many women artists and curators.

A part of the volume is dedicated to 17 unpublished conversations between the artists and curators of AlbumArte
Gianluca Brogna with Grossi Maglioni
Benedetta Carpi De Resmini with Cosimo Veneziano
Anna Cestelli Guidi with Iginio De Luca
Daniela Cotimbo with Sonia Andresano
Elisa Del Prete with Angelo Bellobono
Raffaele Gavarro with Sandro Mele
Silvano Manganaro with Zaelia Bishop
Magherita Moscardini with Cristina Cobianchi
Manuela Pacella with Elena Bellantoni
Claudio Libero Pisano with Delphine Valli
Adriana Polveroni with Francesco Jodice
Marta Silvi with Dario Agati and Fabio Giorgi Alberti
Marco Trulli with Anna Raimondo
Paola Ugolini with Romina Bassu 
Paola Ugolini with Silvia Giambrone 
Vittorio Urbani with Flavio Favelli
Saverio Verini with Sabrina Casadei and Alessandro Giannì

The book, of 484 pages, double Italian-English version, is divided into sections that illustrate the context of AlbumArte’s research from 2011 to 2020: the Italian artists abroad with AlbumArte (Preview 2011-2014); AlbumArte | VideoArtForum (2016, in progress); The performances; the project Donne (non più) anonime – confrontation on feminicide, together with images and texts related to the exhibitions realized with all of them (2011-2020).

The book will be presented in Italy and in seven institutions abroad, which will always take place in the presence of one of AlbumArte’s artists and often accompanied by parallel artistic events realized by the host institution (health regulations permitting).

The cultural partners of the project ALL BOOM ARTE. Italian artists at AlbumArte 2011 – 2020 are: 
MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome
Roma Capitale. Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale / Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, Rome
National Gallery of Art, Vilnius
Art House, Scutari
Bn Project, Bruxelles
Dimora OZ, Palermo
Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast
LE 18, Marrakech
PILOT, Bratislava