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AlbumArte will be closed for the summer break from August 1st to 31st, reopening on Tuesday September 1st. Until July 31 July we work in smart working.

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Iginio De Luca Arrivedorci, 2020, video HD, 1’33’’ courtesy the artist

A small camper abandoned for years, an old Mercedes model parked in total solitude in Rome, near the Terme di Caracalla. The image is layered, exaggerated, overflowing in the kitsch glance, exposing itself to the pride of common myths, clumsy and triumphant with patriotic, religious and sport souvenirs. Flags, pennants, objects and toys, symbols of an indiscriminate nostalgic accumulation that clumsily decorate a festive vehicle, originally intended for travel but which has not traveled for a long time. The seemingly ironic and mild audio is taken from a famous episode of Stanlio and Ollio “Perfect day” of 1929 in which the two protagonists greet the neighbors from a car, leaving for a carefree journey that will never happen as there is always a unexpected event that prevents them from going. A slum of decadence, a monument to the oxymoron, to the static wandering, perhaps waiting for another possible future, another lap, another race.