AlbumArte Virtual Exhibition | DA CASA. Abitare il tempo sospeso | Virtual opening Thursday March 12th, 2020 from 12.00 PM



AlbumArte | Virtual Exhibition


Abitare il tempo sospeso

Virtual opening Thursday March 12th, 2020 from 12.00 PM

Until April 3rd on AlbumArte Instagram and Facebook profiles

Dario Agati, Alessio Ancillai, Sonia Andresano, Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso, Romina Bassu, Angelo Bellobono, Zaelia Bishop, Simone Cametti, Sabrina Casadei, John Cascone, Fabrizio Cicero, Laura Cionci, Gino D’Ugo, Iginio De Luca, Veronica Della Porta, Luca Di Luzio, Davide Dormino, Marco Emmanuele, Fonte Poe, Paola Gandolfi, Iulia Ghiţă, Silvia Giambrone, Fabio Giorgi Alberti, Luca Grechi, Gregorio Samsa, Grossi Maglioni, Donatella Landi, Myriam Laplante, Las Mitocondria (Alicia Herrero and María Ángeles Vila Tortosa), Cecilia Luci, Rita Mandolini, Sandro Mele, Emanuele Napolitano, Elena Nonnis, Gianni Politi, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Sergio Racanati, Anna Raimondo, Filippo Riniolo, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Guendalina Salini, Daniele Spanò, Michele Tiberio, Delphine Valli, Cosimo Veneziano

AlbumArte realises its first virtual exhibition titled DA CASA. Abitare il tempo sospeso.

The emergency requires us to stay home.
A necessary and apparently simple condition, but also a starting point for a series of important reflections. In such a particular and difficult moment, of apprehensions, paradoxes, cancellations, suspensions and distances, AlbumArte realises its first virtual exhibition that will discuss the theme of home, involving a group of artists, who already took part in the AlbumArte 20×20 exhibition in the December 2019.

Part of a cultural energy that is developing in the capital, this creative community wants to testify a human as well as artistic participation, an active and proactive presence that tackles the difficulties and delves into their contents; such as the obligation to stay at home, forced house arrest for all, despite being all of us innocent, but no less responsible for this.

The works of the artists will reflect on the theme of home. Our home, the home of those who do not have it, the empty home, or full of presences, of those we love and those we no longer recognise, the home we would like to have, the one that makes us feel alone, but also the reflection on an already intimate space that, in such a suspended moment, becomes even more an internal, a place where, if they force us to stay, we confront ourselves.

How the exhibition is going to take place: the artworks (one per artist) will be published every day on the social media channels of AlbumArte and eventually collected in a dedicated Gallery on the website and a virtual catalog, edited by Anna Cestelli Guidi and Cristina Cobianchi, collecting all the works and reflections.

The exhibition will also highlight an additional new need, that of a connected community as it is this community of AlbumArte that mobilises and collaborates in the coordination and curation of the exhibition. All strictly from their home and their studio, precisely da casa.

The opening of the exhibition will be a virtual opening that will take place through the sharing of a very short videos of the artists, starting from their Instagram profiles and then conveying all in AlbumArte’s Instagram and Facebook profile on THURSDAY MARCH 12th, all day long. At 5:00 PM the first work will be posted.