AlbumArte | Flash!

AlbumArte | FLASH! is a series of short-exhibitions hosted by AlbumArte for a maximum period of 15 days. The cycle includes itinerant shows, shows that focus on a specific artistic feature, shows for special events or shows that are produced by other foundations and museums, it Italy or abroad, presented for the first time to the public of Rome. These projects complete AlbumArte’s objectives, contributing to the development of a dynamic, inclusive platform for dialogue and confrontation that, as a young independent space, AlbumArte has established as in the city. 


January 26, 2018 at 6:00pm | La Galleria Nazionale, Viale delle Belle Arti 131, Rome
Cosimo Veneziano | Rompi la finestra e ruba i frammenti!
I part: book launch
Speakers: Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, Marco Trulli, Cosimo Veneziano.

January 29 – February 10, 2018 | AlbumArte
Cosimo Veneziano | Rompi la finestra e ruba i frammenti!
II part: the exhibition
Solo show curated by Benedetta Carpi de Resmini
On January 29, 2018 AlbumArte opens the first solo show in Rome by artist Cosimo Veneziano (b. Moncalieri – IT 1982, lives and works in Leeds, UK) titled Rompi la finestra e ruba i frammenti! (‘Break the window and steal the fragments!’) and curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini. The short 10-days exhibition presents a series of works which reflect about the ideas of Monument and Body, part of which has been shown at MEF – Museo Ettore Fico (Turin . IT) in 2016. An important part of the show will be the launch of artist catalogue, including all his works from 2007 to 2017, at La Galleria Nazionale in Rome. The catalouge includes texts by curators Michael Birchall, Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, Kateryna Filyuk, Elena Forin, Andrea Lerda, Matteo Luchetti, Silvia Simoncelli, Marco Trulli, Cristina Cobianchi and the lawyer Alessandra Donati. It has been published by Zamorani Editore (Turin, October 2017).

February 15 – March 1, 2018 | AlbumArte
Dancity Open Call Award 2017 – Winner Exhibition: Dario Agati and Fabio Giorgio Alberti
Curated by Carla Capodimonti e Marta Silvi
The two ex-aequo winners of Dancity Festival 2017 – Art Session present a new series of works at AlbumArte focused on painting (Dario Agati) and installation art (Fabio Giorgio Alberti). 


May 3 – 16, 2018 | AlbumArte
Zaelia Bishop | Uranio Cemento e Grafite 
Curated by Silvano Manganaro
Uranio, Cemento e Grafite unveils a series of site specific works all of which have never been exhibited  previously, expressing a completely new kind of focus and representing the most recent path developed by Bishop in the last couple of years. The works are designed as a reflection on margins and boundaries, both material and mental.


May 21 – June 6, 2019 | AlbumArte
Delphine Valli | CLIMAX 
Solo show curated by Claudio Libero Pisano
For her first solo show at AlbumArte, Delphine Valli (Champigny-sur-Marne, France, 1972, now living and working between France and Italy) realizes a series of works on the wall, drawings, linear elements, all of which are original and site-specific. These become a set of plastic interventions activating an unexpected dialogue with the whole exhibition space. The works interact and complement each other in the encounter with the solidity of the existing architecture, forming an atypical relation.