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invito anteprima (2)

  • 2010 Giovanni Ozzola / The Edge16 September – 16 October 2010 curator Elena ForinProje 4L/ Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul

    2010: Giovanni Ozzola / The Edge16 settembre – 16 ottobre 2010a cura di Elena ForinProje 4L/ Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, IstanbulON-THE-EDGE-GIOVANNI-OZZOLA2

  • 2004/2009 collaborations with: Bramante’s Cloister in Rome (De Nittis an Italian Impressionist, Zandomeneghi a Venetian among the Impressionists, Aristide Sartorio anthology, Andy Wahrol Stop and don’t sin), The Musuem of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice, The Institute of Postal Historical Studies in Prato (general organization of Le strade della Posta), Auditorium Conciliazione Rome (Irene Galitzine A Princess in fashion), Sabbie Roma Award (full organization of the award), Loto Design Space in Rome (various exhibitions and artistic events), Poste Italiane, Fondazione Banca Antonveneta, Anas, Italian Embassy in Greece Athens, Italian Institute of Culture Atene Italian Institute of Culture Beirut, Italian Embassy in Washington, Corriere di Tunisi, Finzi Edizioni The organized cultural events were sponsored by Presidency of the Republic, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Cultural heritage and events, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lazio Region, Office of the Presidency of the Lazio Region, Cultural Department of the Lazio Region, The Province of Rome, The Municipality of Rome, The Department of Culture of the Municipality of Rome, The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy, The Embassy of Bulgaria in Italy.

  • 2005 Alberto Sughi Museo Civico in Marino

  • 2004 Carlo Carrà 12 March/12 May 2004 Rocca Albornoz in Viterbo titled “An Italian and European Life”

  • 2002 The Catalog of the artist Graham Gurr in collaboration with the association “Il Collezionista” titled “Individual Fragments” curator Ernesto D’Orsi

  •  2002 Exhibition in memory of Umberto Mastroianni 15/02/02 31/03/02 in Viterbo’s Museo Civico

  • 2002 A three dimensional exhibition in the Romanian Academy of Rome displaying pieces by Cascella, Ciuti, Bruno Conte, Cassero, Achille Pace, Attilio Pierelli e Piero Rospi.

  • 2001/2002 In collaboration with the Centro Studi Corrado Alvaro various initiatives such as painting exhibitions, sculpture and graphics on Sport, an exhibition on Sport equipment, a marathon of the Basilicas, an exhibition of paintings and drapes on Figlio dell’Uomo, a marble exhibition and sculpture materials from 1200 to today, an itinerant exhibition on painting on glass from XVII to the XX century and another itinerant exhibition on papal badges and bills of the Jubilee 2001/2002

  • 2002 Conference on Julius Evola on 21 02 02 in the Conference Room of the Italian Republic’s Senate titled Julius Evola – Dadaism and Futurism with contributions by G. De Turris, G.Malgieri, E.Novi,M.Veneziani, F.M.D’Asaro, A.Saccà, G.Spadaro e L.Tallarico

  • 2002 Course for young people regarding Association and Voluntary work, art conservation, in the Centro Museale di Turania (Rieti) 2002 February and March

  • 1998 Columbus Center in Toronto Exhibition by Italian artists in collaboration with the Cultural Association Corrado Alvaro in Rome

  • 1998 A series of conventions on Rome and its Jubilees

  • 1997 “Sincronie”- Exhibition by painters and sculptors in the theater Teatro Vascello in Roma

  • 1997 Exhibition by Giuseppe Colin in the European Artistic Center of Rome’s Piazza del Popolo,

  • 1997 Published the collection of essays by Ernesto D’Orsi “The Myth’s Mask”

  • 1997 Collaboration in drafting the catalog “La romanza da camera Italiana” a season of concerts in Rome’s Auditorium degli Invalidi

  • 1997 An exhibition by the artist Valentine titled “Open Cut” in the European Artistic Center of Rome’s Piazza del Popolo

  • 1996 The exhibition “Balthus, oil and watercolor drawings” in Viterbo’s Palazzo dei Papi,

  • 1996 An exhibition by Claudio Baccherini in the Gallery of Sacred Contemporary Art L’Agostiniana in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo, sponsored by the Mexican Embassy in Italy,

  • 1996 A private exhibition by Luigi Gheno in the San Luca Academy thanks to the invitation of its President Carlo Aymonino

  •  1996 A painting exhibition in Palazzo Bruschi Tarquinia “The great artists of Italian 20th century painting”

  • 1995 An exhibition by the sculptor Franco Ciuti in Santo Domingo sponsored by Alitalia

  • 1995 An exhibition by the artist Ron Arad titled “The Instability of Art” in Rome’s Spanish Steps presented by Achille Bonito Oliva

  • 1993 A collaboration with the magazine Special Art, articles of critique and artistic current events, started in 1993

  • 1993 A collective exhibition of sculpture (Carrina, Magnoni, Ciuti, Pulvirenti in collaboration with the cultural association Il Progetto in various locations (Viterbo, Tarquinia and Roma) during the years 1993/ 1994

  • 1993 The Fiuggi Theater “The probable truth of Winston and Clementine” a two act opera for the theater. Scenes by Mario Schifano, 20th of July 1993




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