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  1. Zaelia Bishop / Emanuele Napolitano


    Zaelia Bishop and Emanuele Napolitano’s practice is based on observations of encounter, interaction and fusion between image and  vision. Their projects examine in particular the relationship with everyday society, identities and connections between images and social behaviour. Documentation, collection, the exploration of the artefactual dimension, re-representations of images and spaces with various media, or creating a new presence for them, form …
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  2. Eglė Budvytytė

    Egle Budvytyte_Magicians

    Eglė Budvytytė (Lithuania, 1981) lives in both Vilnius and Amsterdam. Her production involves video and performance pieces that explore the relation between the body, architecture, the environment and the public. Starting from the choreographies of different performers, she plays with the context of representation, exploring the body’s ability to challenge conventional behaviours and implicit normative narratives within public spaces. Her …
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  3. Ivan Cantos


    Born in 1967, lives and works in Madrid, Spain. Ivan Cantos will be presenting a ceramic sculpture inspired by a picture of a drowned migrant near Gibraltar, the remains of his golden dreams for a better life. The artist chooses to show a man who seems asleep, leaving more space to personal interpretation. The graphite covering the scultpure makes it …
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  4. Cecilia Canziani


    Cecilia Canziani was founding co-director of Nomas Foundation in Rome from 2009 to 2016. From 2011 to 2014, together with Simone Menegoi, she conceived and curated a highly acclaimed diffused project of public art commissions and collection for Italian fashion house, Ermenegildo Zegna. Since February 2016, she is a member of faculty at the Accademia di Belle Arti in L’Aquila, …
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  5. Benedetta Carpi De Resmini


    Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, curator and art critic. Is interested in contamination between twentieth-century and emerging artists. Professor at Business School 24ore and collaborates with the University of Roma Tre and the University of Rome La Sapienza. She collaborates with art magazines such as Arte e Critica,  Exibart and other magazines. Previously she worked as senior curator at MACRO, Museum …
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  6. Sabrina Casadei

    Sabrina Casadei 3

    Sabrina Casadei was born in Rome in 1985, where she lives and works. Education: 2009, Degree in Painting at the Accademy of Fine Arts in Rome; 2004, High School Specializing in Classic Studies. Major Solo Exhibitions: 2013, Smottamenti. Frane, LEM Laboratorio Estetica Moderna, Sassari; 2012, Growing in Lightness, Kaleidoskop, Berlin, Germany; 2011, Atti di decostruzione, Marchina Arte Contemporanea, Brescia. Major Group Exhibitions: 2017, Landina – Cars, Verbania; 2017, Malerbe, …
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  7. Elisabetta Benassi


    Elisabetta Benassi was born in Rome in 1966. With references to the political and artistic cultural tradition of the twentieth century, psychoanalysis as well as the controversial issues of the contemporary world, the work of Elisabetta Benassi covers the difficult space of our present. In the background appears a recurring question on our present situation and identity, on their relationship …
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  8. Ariane C-Y


    Ariane C-Y (Ariane Chauffert Yvart) lives and works in Paris. After a degree in History, she studied at the École du Louvre where she obtained the B.A. and then a Master in History of Art and Museology. She gained experiences working for auction houses and museums (Musée du Louvre, Newport Preservation Society – USA). As a curator, she had been …
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  9. Elena Bellantoni

    Elena Bellantoni (1975) lives and works between Berlin and Italy. After graduating in Contemporary Art at La Sapienza University in Rome, she studied in Paris and London, where in 2007 she received an MA in Visual Art at WCA University of Arts London. Deepens the dance-theater and the performing arts, her research focuses on the concepts of identity and otherness …
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  10. Guillaume Castel

    guillaume castel

    Born in 1980, lives and work in Plouégat-Guérand, France. Guillaume Castel will present a new monumental piece in Rome, derived from previous works : Pétale and Samare. It will be made of steel and gold. He will also show a selection of smaller pieces. Guillaume Castel is a French sculptor. He uses materials such as wood, concrete and steel to describe …
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  11. Iginio De Luca

    Iginio De Luca - Vote Piero Manzoni. 2014

      Born in Formia on August 21st 1966. He lives in both Rome and Turin, teaching Decoration and Multimedia Installations at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone (RM). He is a multifaceted artist: a musician, an actor, a visual artist. He makes videos, installations, and performances. In recent years, his work has focused mainly on the productions of videos, …
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  12. Maria Adele Del Vecchio

    Maria Adele Del Vecchio

      Maria Adele Del Vecchio (Caserta, Italy 1976), lives and works in Rome. She attended the Filmklasse, taught by Mark Leckey in Staedelschule, Frankfurt in 2005/2006. In 2014 she has been shortlisted for Premio Furla 2015, ‘The Nude Prize’. Solo Exhibitions: 2015 Within, rather than above, Galleria Tiziana Di Caro, Napoli. 2014 Tonite let’s all make love in London, Supportico Lopez, Berlino. 2011 Qui sembra …
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  13. Rä di Martino

    Ra Di Martino: August 2008, 2009, 16 mm film transferred onto HD, 5 min.

    Rä di Martino (Rome, 1975) studied in London where she’s graduated with an MFA at the Slade School of Art and now lives and works in Turin. Her practice explores the passage of time, as well as the discrepancies that differentiate epic narratives from lived experiences. Her works are characterized by a tension between pathos and a certain detachment: a disconnectedness …
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  14. Cristina Dinello Cobianchi

    Il presidente Cristina Dinello Cobianchi

    Born in Venice, she lives and works in Rome. For many years she co-ordinated events and conferences for various international business organizations, such as CIGA (Italian Association of Luxury Hotels). She has worked as communication consultant for private companies. Since 2004, she founded AlbumArte, an independent non-profit cultural association of which is currently President and Project Manager. After numerous projects …
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  15. Valentina Fiore

    Valentina Fiore (Rome, 1983) got her degree in Contemporary Art History from La Sapienza University in Rome in 2009 and then undertook a masters in European Project Planning (Rome, 2013). She is interested in collaborating on projects based on participatory processes which have been both developed and held in the neighbourhood, in spaces that are not known as exhibition venues. …
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  16. Flavio Favelli

    Flavio Favelli, Black Tulip, 2014

    Born in Florence in 1967, he lives and work in Savigno (Bo), Italy.  Flavio Favelli has developed his artistic practice from an intimate and very personal concept of time and space. By assembling gates, benches, doors, railings, balconies, chairs, tables, beds, mirrors, carpets and chandeliers the artist creates works of functional appearance that transform the atmosphere of the places that …
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  17. Elena Forin

    Elena Forin

    Elena Forin is an Italian curator. Her approach combines an interest for to the most recent artistic developments – video, installation, performance; participatory, site-specific and social practices – and for their specific historical roots of the 60’s and 70’s. Between 2009 and 2011 she curated various exhibitions for MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art Rome) including Urs Lüthi Just Another Story About Leaving (with L.M. …
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  18. Anna Franceschini


    Born in Pavia in 1979, she lives and works in Milano. She studied in Milan where she received a MA in Media Studies.Her work has been presented and awarded in several film festivals like IFFR / Rotterdam Film Festival, 60° Locarno Film Festival (CH) and TFF/Torino Film Festival (IT), MFF/Milano Film Festival. Her last major solo exhibitions include Spike Island, Bristol …
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  19. Francesco Jodice

    Francesco Jodice, crediti ritratto Sara Gentile

    Francesco Jodice was born in Naples in 1967. He lives in Milan. His art explores the transforming social landscape of our time, with a particular focus on urban anthropological phenomena and the creation of new participatory processes. His projects are aimed at building a common ground between art and geopolitics, presenting artistic practice as a form of civil poetics.
He is …
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  20. Ilaria Gianni

    ilaria gianni

    Ilaria Gianni is a curator and art critic. After her degree in Art History at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, she received an MFA in Curating at “Goldsmiths”, University of London. From 2009 to 2016 she has been co-Artistic Director and curator of the Nomas Foundation in Rome. From 2015 she is co-founder and curator of the exhibition-event GRANPALAZZO, …
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  21. José Guerrero / Antonio Blanco


    José Guerrero was born in Granada, 1979. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Architecture by the University of Granada (Spain), in 2012 he decided to leave his job as Production Manager at a building company to become a professional photographer. In 2005 he obtained the “Joven Autor Andaluz” [Young Andalusian Artist] grant from Caja San Fernando to develop his project …
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  22. Gregorio Samsa

    Gregorio Samsa is an independent artistic duo formed in Rome in 2010. He has made several solo exhibitions in Turin, Rome and Milan. In 2012 he was a finalist for the Terna Prize 04 with the work “Babel”, category megawatts. The issue of the dialogue, declined in its various facets, is at the center of his artistic research. Gregorio Samsa …
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  23. Grossi Maglioni


    Grossi Maglioni (Vera Maglioni and Francesca Grossi, Rome, 1982) began their collaboration in 2006. The Grossi Maglioni duo has mostly focused its research within performance art, installations and workshop based practices. The link to different fields of study such as anthropology, theatre, gender studies, science fiction, and the relation between the history of performance art and popular and mass culture, …
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  24. Martin Kollár

    Martin Kollár, Provisional Arrangements, 2015

    Martin Kollár was born in 1971 in Žilina, Czechoslovakia (now Slovak Republic). He studied at the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava and has been working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer since he graduated. He has received several grants and awards, including the Prix Elysee and the Oskar Barnack Award. His work has been exhibited across the world, including Martin …
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  25. Lina Lapelytė

    lina lapelyte

    Lina Lapelytė (1984, Lituania). Artist, musician and live performer, living between London and Vilnius. Lina Lapelytė, among the most promising Lithuanian artists of the last generation and educated as musician, positions her work at the junction between visual arts and opera. Lina Lapelytė exposed at the Baltic Pavilion, Venice Biennal, Venice (2016); Peculiar People, Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea (2016), and Rupert, …
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  26. Beral Madra


    Beral Madra, a critic and curator, directed Gallery BM (1984-1990) and is currently directing BM Contemporary Art Centre (since 1990). Founding partner and artistic director of Kuad Gallery (2012). She lives and works in Istanbul. She coordinated the 1st (1987) and the 2nd (1989) Istanbul Biennale, curated the Pavilion of Turkey in  43rd, 45th, 49th, 50th and 51st Venice Biennale, …
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  27. Silvano Manganaro


    Silvano Manganaro is a professor of History of Art and Art Management at Accademia di Belle Arti in L’Aquila. He earned a Ph.D. at Sapienza University of Rome. He has been the editor of the art and contemporary culture magazine “DROMEmagazine”. Currently, he is regular contributor to “Il Giornale dell’Arte” and a member of the editorial board of the magazine …
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  28. Domenico Mangano

    Domenico Mangano was born in Palermo (Sicily) in 1976, and he lives and works in Amsterdam (NL). He established himself on the national and international scene at the beginning of the twenty-first century with his photographs and videos that are somewhere between surrealism and the documentary. The artist has always used this kind of stylistic approach in order to investigate …
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  29. Sabrina Mezzaqui

    Sabrina Mezzaqui:Fioritura, 2001, DVD, 13 min.

    Sabrina Mezzaqui, born in Bologna in 1964, lives and works in Marzabotto (Italy). A lot of her work is a materialization of the passing of time, playing with the repetition of tiny manual gestures (inserting beads, cutting, folding, drawing small motives,..). Often some writing appears in her works (brief texts, memories, literal references…). Her videos also narrate slow times, recording …
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  30. Pietro Mele

    Pietro Mele

    Pietro Mele was born in Alghero (Italy) in 1976. He currently lives and works in Berlin. His work focuses on reality’s smaller aspects such as historical facts which are considered marginal, and that the artist studies so as to provide a new understanding of them. His projects show what is not obvious and gets omitted, and can be seen as …
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  31. Margherita Morgantin

    Attenzione, prodotto solubile in HTML, 2003, DVD, 03:19 min.

    Margerita Morgantin was born in Venice in 1971; she graduated in Architecture at I.U.A.V. (dept. of Phisycal Science). She uses a range of media in her work: from performance and video to drawing. She has partecipated at art shows both in Italy and abroad. She published a book of short texts and drawings entitled Titolo variabile, Quodlibet, Macerata 2009, furthermore: Agenti …
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  32. Chiara Mu


    Born in Rome in 1974, she graduated in 2001 in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and in 2002 in Photography at the E. Rolli regional school. She lived in London for 10 years where she graduated Master in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009. Chiara Mu works mainly in the …
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  33. Lucia Nimcová

    Lucia Nimcová, Khroniky-Ukraine, 2014-2015

    Lucia Nimcová was born in 1977. Lives and works in Brussels and Humenné. Nimcová studied at the Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has recently exhibited her works at Prague Biennale; Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow; Viafarini, Milan; Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts and Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Awards include; the Images Vevey Photography Prize (Switzerland), ECB Photography Award …
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  34. Suat Ögüt

    Suat Ogut

    Born 1985 in Diyarbakir. Lives and works in Istanbul. Having graduated from Marmara University’s Painting Department in 2007, Ö?üt  had his first solo exhibition “Speeding Up Domestic Life” curated by Kristina Kramer & Anna Heidenhain, Istanbul (2008). He was a participant of Willa Waldberta (artist in residency) in between July- August, Munich (2010). Some of the recent group shows he …
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  35. Ferhat Özgür

    Cimon and Pero / Cimon ve Pero, 2009, DVD, colour-sound, loop, 06:15 min.

    Born in Ankara in 1965, he lives and works in Istanbul. Selected Solo Exhibitions include Metamorphosis Chat, Michigan University Museum of Art, (2015-2016); I Can Sing, MoMA PS1, New York, USA (2012-13); Now and Here, Gallery Bernhard Bischoff and Partner, Bern, Switzerland, (2014); Let Everybody Come Out Today,  Marabouparken, Sweeden, (2013); Curious Moments, American Hospital Operation Room-Istanbul (2013). He took part in 6th Berlin Biennale (2010) and 10th …
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  36. Giovanni Ozzola

    Giovanni Ozzola - Arcachon - Hiver ensoleillé

    Giovanni Ozzola was born in Florence in 1982. He now lives and works between Prato and Bordeaux. After spending some years in London, he came back to Italy in 2001, where he began to build a personal artistic path that led him, in 2001, to participate in the exhibition “Happiness. A Survival Guide for Art and Life”, curated by David …
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  37. Fabio Perletta

    Fabio Perletta (1984) is an Italian sound artist and graphic designer, whose music focuses on the representation of the invisible, inspired by molecular structures, quantum physics and the concept of emptiness. Its characteristic aesthetic choice, developed by using special sound generators and customized software, includes both electronic composition and site-specific installations, which often explore the perceptual relationship between space and …
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  38. Cristiana Perrella


    Cristiana Perrella is a curator and contemporary art critic. From 1998 to 2008 she directed The British School in Rome’s Contemporary Arts Program. In 2008 and 2009 she developed and implemented the SACS project for RISO, Sicily’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Perrella  has curated numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad  and has written extensively on Italian and International artists. Since 2009 she is collaborating with Fondazione Marino Golinelli …
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  39. Neriman Polat


    Born in Istanbul,1968. Graduated from Department of Painting, Mimar Sinan  University, 1990. She lives and works in Istanbul. Selected solo exhibitions: 2010  “Modest View”, C.A.M Gallery, Asmal?mescit, Istanbul, 2010 2008  “Father’s Home Apartment”, Pi Artworks,  Istanbul 2007  “Foto – Grave”, Apartman Project, Istanbul Selected group exhibitions: 2013“Bitter Coffe”, V.I.P Café, Tophane, in collaboration with Arzu Yay?nta? 2012“Fictions and Dissentions”, 3th. …
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  40. Gianni Politi

    Courtesy private collection

    Gianni Politi was born in 1986 in Rome where he lives and works. His research is closely linked to autobiographical events that he processes through the painting medium. Solo shows: 2016/2017, Painting and Sculpture, Lorcan O’Neill, Rome; 2014 (upcoming) Malandrino 86, GNAM, Rome (IT); 2013 From the studio (Nightrider) CO2, Rome (IT); 2012 Viva la muerte omaggio a S. Maria Gloriosa dei …
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  41. Margherita Moscardini


    Margherita Moscardini  (Donoratico Italy, 1981) graduated from the Accademia of Belle Arti of Bologna and attended various workshops, among them: the Advanced Course in Visual Arts of fondazione Ratti, Como, visiting professor Yona Friedman (2008) and Peter Friedl’s workshop at the Foundation Spinola Banna in Turin (2009). She has been artist in residency at the: CCA Andratx, Mallorca, SP (2010), CCA …
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  42. Adrian Paci


    Adrian Paci, Shkoder (AL), 1969. Lives and works in Milan. Selected solo shows: 2017, The Guardian, Complesso museale dei Chiostri di Sant’Eustorgio, Milan; 2017, The people are missing, Kaufmann Repetto Gallery, Milan; 2013/2014, Lives in transit, Jeu au Paumme, Paris; PAC, Milan; Röda Sten Konsthall, Göteborg; MAC, Montréal; 2014 Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal 2013 Galeries nationales du Jeu de Paume, Paris ; PAC, Padiglione d’Arte …
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  43. Christine Rebet

    Christine Rebet lives and works in New York and Paris. Her work is based on the drawing and it develops into forms ranging from animation to the environment, installations and performance art. At the heart of her work is the elaboration of historical traumas in the context of a personal reinterpretation and a consequent reanimation. Rebet studied in Columbia University …
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  44. Lýdia Pribišová

    Lydia Pribisova_portrait

    Lýdia Pribišová is born in 1980 in Bratislava (Slovak Republic). She is a curator and an art historian. From 2006 she is editor and from 2013 she is managing editor for Flash Art Czech & Slovak Edition. In 2013, she is also project coordinator for ( In 2012 she founded the no-profit association Pilot. From 2013 she cooperates with …
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  45. Gabi Scardi


    Gabi Scardi is curator, writer and professor. Her research is chiefly focused on the latest tendencies in artistic practice. She has a strong interest in multidisciplinary practices, particularly those that include an intersection between visual art and architecture, design, urban culture. She curated exhibitions; among the main ones: Synthetic Ritual, Pitzer Art Galleries, Los Angeles; Side Effects, Louisiana Museum, Copenhagen; Side Effects, Lyon Biennale; Aware: Art Fashion …
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  46. Marinella Senatore

    Marinella Senatore

    Marinella Senatore was born in Cava dei Tirreni (Italy) in 1977. She lives in Berlin. She works with video, photography, drawing, installation and sound. Many of her works, often developed in collaboration with institutions such as museums and universities, involve entire communities in the creative process: the audience participates as co-writer, actor, set designer, cameramen. In the encounter between personal …
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  47. Maria Rosa Sossai

    Maria Rosa Sossai is a researcher in the field of artistic practices and educational policies. She is based in Rome. In 2012 she founded ALA Accademia Libera delle Arti,, an independent platform for education and contemporary art that conceives the artistic practice as a process of shared knowledge. Among its recent projects a series of workshops and exhibitions of …
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  48. Giulio Squillacciotti

    Giulio Squillacciotti

    Giulio Squillacciotti was born in Rome in 1982. After studying Medieval Art in Rome and Barcelona, he moved to Venice to attend the Visual Arts courses at IUAV university. His academic background led him to work on issues related to narrative and on ways of developing it, starting from a historical-anthropological point of view combined with fictitious elements created ad …
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  49. Adriana Polveroni

    Adriana Polveroni is a journalist and essayist. From 2012 to 2017, she has been the Director of “Exibart”. She has worked for the group of the magazine L’Espresso and has collaborated with various other periodicals, including Il Sole 24 Ore and L’Uomo Vogue. She teaches the Museology of Contemporary Art at the Brera Academy of Milan and has taught a …
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  50. Francesco Urbano Ragazzi


    Francesco Urbano Ragazzi is a curatorial duo founded in 2005. Invited to the Cité Internationale des Arts by the Mairie de Paris in 2008, the two curators subsequently elaborated their own residency formats: Spot – studio dal Vivo sponsored by the City of Venice (2010), Mirroring, funded by the Emirates Foundation (2011) and Prima Visione, for the National Gallery of Cosenza (2013). In the same period the duo was …
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  51. Daniela Trincia

    Daniela Trincia

    Daniela Trincia was born and lives in Rome. After a degree in Medievall Art, she focused on contemporary art. She collaborated with Lorcan O’Neill, z2o Gallery and cura mostre. Her writings are regularly published on Arte e critica, Flash Art, art to part of cul (ture).

  52. Leonid Tsvetkov


    Leonid Tsvetkov (1980, Novgood, Russia). After his residency at the American Academy in Rome in autumn-winter 2012-13, the Russian-American artist Leonid Tsvetkov returns to Rome to open the season of AlbumArte | studio residency programme 2014, a project that intends to offer artists their own space as a studio to work in and to receive studio visits. During his residency …
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  53. Florian Tuercke

    Florian Tuercke (Germany, 1977) artworks are interdisciplinary and mostly based on specific concepts, which the author develops using interactive systems and innovative technologies. A focal point of his work is the public space, analyzed through a combination of audio and video elements, performances, installations and web-art. Tuercke graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and is co-founder of …
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  54. Paola Ugolini

    paola ugolini

    Paola Ugolini lives and works in Rome. She is an independent curator and art critic. Since the 80s she has been the curator of contemporary artists’ exhibitions taking place in public and private exhibition halls in Italy and abroad. Since 1990 she has collaborated with several sector magazines, she has written reviews and critical essays for Opening, Flash Art, Tema …
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  55. Vittorio Urbani

    Vittorio Urbani (born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1954) is an independent curator, based in Venice, Italy, who has been organizing contemporary exhibitions and curating art books and catalogues since 1993 as director of the non-profit organization “Nuova Icona – associazione culturale per le arti” based in Venice, Italy, and at international venues. He has been invited as visiting curator to …
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  56. William Wright

    william wright

    Born Lives and work in London, UK. William Wright will show a painting commissioned for the show. William Wright is a British painter and drawer. His paintings depict mainly landscapes painted after drawings sketched from nature. His naïve style conveys a poetic idea of these intimate sceneries. They have a melancholic ache that comes from someone who is a profound …
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  57. Wonderlust #rome

    wonderlust rome

    Wonderlust #rome (Francesco Buonerba, Nicoletta Guglielmucci) is a project that aims to consolidate a localized network focused on the essential role the Artists in Residence programs in the roman – and italian – art scene, facilitating artists’ growth and mobility and promoting the potential value of cultural exchange between italian and foreign operators. Wonderlust #rome is a bridge between Institutes and Academies, their …
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  58. Samuel Yal

    samuel yal

    Born in 1982, lives and work in Saint-Cloud, France. (2016 in Madrid) Samuel Yal will show a group of porcelain works among which two new sculptures as well as his iconic Dissolution. Samuel Yal is a French sculptor. He uses porcelain as his favourite media. His work focuses on the body and face stressing their relation to the surrounding space. …
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  59. Juan Zamora

    Juan Zamora_cradle

    Juan Zamora (born 1982, Madrid) deals with issues related to human existence and nature through an ecological and anthropological perspective, emphasizing the importance of the integrity of ecosystems in considering human interactions with the environment. He has worked as a profesor at The European University of Madrid (2007-2011), The Irvine University of California (2007-2008), The Long Island University of New …
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  60. Driant Zeneli

    Driant Zeneli - When i grow up i want to be an artist -  video, 2007, 21_55_, color, sound. Courtesy the artist and prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Milano,  Lucca.

    Born in 1983 in Shkoder, Albania, actually he lives between Milan and Tirana. Driant Zeneli’s work challenges physical and intellectual limits by staging and performing ironic and dreamlike situations, sometimes absurd. The latter takes place with performative attempts – weather only with his personal involvement or through others – in a process that experiences time, identifies with dreams, plays with …
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